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ViewSonic Corp. has announced the introduction of two new 52- and 42-inch commercial digital signage displays — the CD5233 and CD4233. According to the company, both models minimize bezel distraction while producing bright, high contrast images, making them ideal for both single unit public displays and grand multi-monitor display walls.
The ultra-slim bezels, 19.5 mm for the CD5233 and 16.3 mm for the CD4233, frame a more impactful image, making them ideal for public information displays. With Full HD 1080p, a brightness of up to 700 nits, a 4000:1 static contrast ratio (52-inch model) and a 178-degree viewing angle, the displays deliver the visibility required by retailers and commercial professionals, the company said. Educators also can benefit from the displays’ clarity, brightness and reliability for use in campus-wide communications. According to the company, multiple connectivity options provide extensive flexibility for HD digital content from movies and Internet pages to PowerPoint and Flash presentations.
“We developed these monitors with the clear goal of helping marketers as well as educators maximize their communication impact by attracting and holding an audience’s attention,” said Gene Ornstead, director of DTV and business development for ViewSonic, Walnut, Calif. “Either unit as a stand-alone display is vibrant and impactful. And when multiple units are placed together as a video wall, the effect is simply stunning.”
The units can be placed into multiple configurations, including up to a 5x5 video wall arrangement. For the CD5233, this equates to a 20-by-12-foot display wall with minimal bezel bordering that delivers sets of vibrant images or a single display spanning 25 monitors. Teamed with ViewSonic’s MultiView video wall software, powered byfriendlyway, ViewSonic offers multi-dimensional configurations via a single video input, ideal for educational, retail, public and commercial signage needs.

The CD5233 and CD4233 also are designed so that they may be seamlessly partnered with the company’s Linux and Windows-based networked media players or PC Minis to build a complete, customized digital signage solution.

The CD5233 and CD4233 are designed for 24/7 operation and are covered by a three-year limited warranty.


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