DMG And Triveni Digital Deliver Signage Worldwide

KENILWORTH AND PRINCETON, NJ-Diversified Media Group (DMG) and Triveni Digital have partnered to develop, promote, and deliver solutions for digital signage applications. This collaboration combines the Triveni Digital SkyScraper Ensignia DS digital signage system with Diversified Media Group's enterprise solutions platform to furnish media messaging directly to the viewer.

"If you're a retailer or a bank or anybody who wants to do digital signage, it's extremely difficult for you to put that together, especially if it's for your main business," said Ralph Bachofen, director of product management and marketing for Triveni Digital. "What we try to do is create an entrance solution where our customer can come to us and we take care of everything, including the transport of information."

Triveni Digital is able to utilize the bandwidth of major broadcast networks to transport information over a wide area. "We can cover now the whole U.S., or even further than that with DMG-every spot of the planet," stated Bachofen. Additionally, the Ensignia DS turn-key solutions created from this partnership can be customized for a variety of business communication requirements.
Furthermore, DMG offers an extra level of support world-wide. "The advantage is that integrators can provide network managed service with us," Bachofen continued. "If their customer has a problem, they can call DMG and outsource network services as well. So the contractor, who does a very regional deployment, has a capability to also provide the network capability. It's really an end-to-end solution."

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