Barco Introduces 3MP Diagnostic Displays with LED Backlights -

Barco Introduces 3MP Diagnostic Displays with LED Backlights

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Barco has launched two new diagnostic display systems: the premium grayscale Coronis 3MP LED and the high-bright Nio Color 3MP LED.

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 Barco's Nio Color 3MP LED Display System
They feature 3MP resolution and use high-bright LED backlights. These diagnostic displays enhance radiologist productivity and performance by making subtle details more noticeable more quickly.

“At a time when healthcare providers are being challenged to deliver care more efficiently, we are dedicated to helping them improve workflow efficiency,” said vice president, Product Marketing, Barco Healthcare, Lynda Domogalla. “Our new diagnostic display systems with LED backlight technology are designed specifically for healthcare applications and offer many clinical, operational and financial benefits.”

Barco’s high-bright LED backlights render more barely noticeable differences to help radiologists see more shades of gray. Barco’s Nio Color 3MP LED also comes with a brand new front-of-screen sensor for on-demand image quality checks. The more advanced Coronis 3MP LED features an Intelligent Multi-Sensor Technology (I-MST) system, combining Barco’s patented I-Guard front-of-screen sensor with backlight, ambient light, and temperature sensors to optimize image quality.

Other patented image-enhancing technologies, such as ULT-LED and PPU-LED, remove image noise and ensure uniform DICOM images from center to corner. The 3MP Nio and Coronis display systems reduce windowing and leveling time, enabling radiologists to read their studies more efficiently by revealing small details.

Barco’s new 3MP diagnostic displays increase throughput, save energy, and have an extended lifespan. Together with Barco’s MediCal QAWeb solution for enterprise-wide, automated calibration, quality assurance, and asset management, maximum uptime is guaranteed. Barco’s LED backlights also produce less heat, requiring less cooling and reducing the overall operational costs for the hospital.


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