Eclipse Digital Media Powers Signage for London Tunneling Project -

Eclipse Digital Media Powers Signage for London Tunneling Project

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Costain, an international engineering and construction group, was awarded an eight-year contract by the National Grid to carry out tunneling under London for improved cabling. This tunneling contract, worth approximately £200 million, will help meet increased energy flows across the city of London and it will also support increasing electricity demand, including the new Crossrail and the replacement of existing buried cables in London.

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Costain wanted to show staff within the project offices how far the project was progressing in real time and also wanted to be able to display project information in the Nation Grid Energy Education Centre to visitors. They approached Eclipse Digital Media and tasked them with implementing a real time solution to meet their needs.

Eclipse Digital Media designed and developed a digital signage content package that shows the drilling rigs working their way under London, in real time. The content package pulls in live data from the TIM (Tunnel Information Management) software, which uses Google Maps to display it.

The real time data is displayed on screens mounted within the tunneling project offices and within the National Grid Energy Education Centre. The digital signage network is delivered through ONELAN digital signage media players.


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X2O Media Powers Digital Signage at Park Nicollet Clinic

X2O Media has partnered with Park Nicollet Clinic – Champlin in Minnesota to implement a comprehensive digital signage network designed to facilitate interaction with patients and staff throughout the healthcare facility. The dynamic network augments the clinic patient and guest experience with on-demand video content, provides interactive wayfinding, and highlights social media updates in real time.

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Digital Signage for Binghamton HS from Tightrope Media

The Binghamton School District in the central-southern tier of New York State has discovered a way to communicate with high school students, faculty and parents at once, creatively using digital signage technology from Tightrope Media Systems to deliver information inside the school and over the web.

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Air Canada's Digital Signage Network with Yammerfall Feed, Powered by X2O Media

X2O Media has announced that Air Canada has added a Yammerfall feed to its globe TV digital signage network powered by the Xpresenter platform. Yammerfall is a continuous stream of messages from Yammer, an enterprise social network, designed for display on screens in employee areas. Yammer makes it easier for the airline's in-flight service employees to connect with each other and stay up-to-date with important news and announcements.

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PQ Media Digital Media Report

Just-released PQ Media data indicates that consumer spending on digital media content & technology will grow at double-digit rates over the next five years to reach $1.4 trillion in 2017, exceeding spending on traditional media by more than two-fold.