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Webinar: Rethinking the Coupon

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In a free webinar to be hosted March 4, 2008 at 1:00 PM EST, entitled “Rethinking the Coupon: Myths and Misconceptions” ICOM Information & Communications consumer insight experts Peter Meyers and Warren Storey will debunk leading myths and misconceptions about coupon redemption and provide practical strategies for using targeted marketing to overcome the challenges presented by marketplace clutter. This encore offering from ICOM will repeat and update redemption insights presented in a September 2007 webinar, while providing fresh analysis of the latest developments in paperless, or digital, coupons.

If coupons are part of your strategic marketing mix, it’s time to do some re-thinking. Coupons are a tried and true marketing tool. So it may surprise some that overall redemption rates are actually declining. A secret you need to know is this: In today’s economy, coupon face value alone isn’t enough.

The Meyers-Story presentation is based on redemption trends derived from a 20-year database ICOM built in the course of designing 6,300 targeted direct mail programs and issuing 425 million coupons to 28 million U.S. and Canadian households that voluntarily provide information about their purchasing preferences. ICOM's database uniquely differentiates redemption behavior between current, competitive and new users of products.

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