Black Box CAT6

The CAT6 shielded and double-shielded patch cable can block out interference in noisy and industrial environments with three shielded patch cables. All offer enough bandwidth for high-speed data, audio, and video transmission in 1000BASE-T and 10GBASE-T network runs. The shielding protects from electronic noise and EMI/RFI interference, and ensures a smooth transmission. All feature a molded, slimline hood for high-density infrastructures and come with Black Box’s lifetime warranty.

The CAT6 400-MHz shielded, solid backbone PVC cable can be used for horizontal network connections. This F/UTP cable features an internal separator for better crosstalk performance, a drain wire, and an overall aluminum/Mylar® tape shield.

For specialized applications that require flexibility plus double shielding, such as desktop connections on a factory floor or a noisy closet connection, the CAT6 250-MHz shielded, stranded PVC cable can be used. This SSTP cable features four twisted pairs individually shielded with foam skin insulation and an aluminum/Mylar tape, which are covered with an overall tinned copper braid.

For backbone applications requiring solid cable and a plenum-rated jacket, the double shielded CAT6 400-MHz solid patch cable is offered. This F/UTP cable features four solid copper pairs, an internal separator, Mylar tape, drain wire, and aluminum/Mylar tape shield.

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