HES Hog 4 Version 2.0 Software

Following the HOG4 launch and due to high demand, High End Systems has released a new version of their Hog 4 software. This software has more than a dozen new major features designed to add further value for existing Hog 4 users as well as new purchasers. Important features include:

Media Picker
A new window called the “Media Picker” has been added to the Hog 4 OS which allows users to view and select slotted function values (gobos, colors, media, etc.) for the current fixture selection via thumbnail previews.

Support for Digital Media Server Thumbnail Previews using CITP
CITP is an advanced network based protocol that is now utilized by the Hog 4 OS to provide thumbnail previews for digital media content stored on CITP-enabled digital media servers connected to the console via the fixture-net adapter. When properly configured, the Hog 4 OS can connect to CITP clients such as the DL.3, request thumbnail previews of its digital media content, and present that content as selectable thumbnails in the Media Picker window.

Direct DMX Channel Control (dmx test / art-net merge)
The dmx output window can now be used to set individual dmx channels to manually entered values or to art-net values streaming in from an external source such as another console.

Subtractive Kind Masking (“what you see is what you get”)
The console now automatically populates the kind masking toolbar based on changes that have been made in the current active or allowing users to see exactly which “kinds” of functions are being recorded, merged, or updated. Users can “subtract” kinds from the established masking scheme or by deselecting kinds using the kind masking toolbar. The default masking scheme can be also overridden by tokening a kind (or kinds) on the command line before pressing record, update, or merge.

Other features include:

•Unassigned Motorized Faders Now Go To 0% On Page Change
•Time Only Palettes
•Default Recording Options Added
•New Encoder Wheel Button Options
•Master “Effect Size” Option Added to Cuelists and Scenes
•Refined control of playback and effect rates
•Default Master/Main Settings Preferences added for Cuelists and Scenes
•Inline Window Aggregation Buttons
•Begin, End, and Start Fields added to Table Effects
•Direction and Bounce Options added to Table Effects
•Effect Rate Crossfade

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