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Videotel Industrial Digital Media Players

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Videotel, a manufacturer of products for digital signage applications, announced two new media players that simplify displaying high-resolution static and moving images. The VP70XD and VP71XD players have two ports where common storage devices can be simply plugged in for immediate play by either unit.

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The VP71XD provides a front facing USB and SD Card ports.
The VP70XD looping media player with HDMI is a digital media and signage player that is as simple to use as inserting the included SD card or USB drive with personalized content. The VP70XD will play back almost any video or audio file that requires looping content — including AVI, MPG, WMV, MP3, WPA, MP2 and MID, among many others — for a worry-free and hands-free experience.

The VP71XD industrial media looping player has been updated to provide the highest quality video and audio playback and retains Videotel’s seamless auto start and auto seamless loop features. Insert the provided SD card or USB drive, automatically power up the unit, and the audio or video files will start to auto play and auto seamless loop to deliver the desired content.

In addition to the new line of XD players, Videotel has also announced a new interactive digital media player solution, calling it the most simple plug and play interactive digital signage solution on the market today.

Videotel’s players provide digital signage solutions to a wide range of businesses and organizations. These include delivering educational content in museums, healthcare facilities, parks and welcome centers, as well as other government applications.


Videotel's Media Players in Caesars Bars

Videotel Digital has announced that Caesars Entertainment Corporation is using the company's VP71 industrial digital signage media players to enhance the excitement and ambience that draw visitors.

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Videotel Powering RV Show Booth

When Triple E Recreational Vehicles traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for the annual RV show, they selected Videotel's VP70 Industrial Media Player for their digital signage.

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Visix 4K Media Player

Visix has added a new 4K media player capable of supporting the super-high resolution displays that are now more widely available. It's powered by an Intel Haswell processor and HD 5000 graphics, enabling it to bring 4K content to life at the Ultra HD resolution of 3840x2160.