Wilson to Unveil 5-band, 4G Cell Phone Booster

Wilson Electronics, manufacturer of cellular signal boosters, will unveil a new 4G signal booster designed to future-proof installations for the residential and commercial installer markets this Thursday at the CEDIA Home Technology EXPO 2013.

  • The new CI 2070 indoor booster, now available, enhances 4G as well as earlier generation signals for all cellular carriers’ networks. This signal booster supports LTE and other cellular technologies used in North America to provide strong, reliable cellular coverage indoors for up to 80,000 square feet.
  • The CI 2070, which was also named as a CEDIA 2013 Manufacturers Excellence Awards finalist, will be on featured in booth 1747 and the New Solutions Village through September 28 at CEDIA in the Colorado Convention Center, Denver.
  • “The CI 2070 is Wilson’s first 4G cellular signal booster designed specifically for the installer market,” said Blake Seese, Wilsons’ custom integrator (CI) director. “It delivers greatly enhanced voice and data coverage in buildings where it’s deployed. For our certified installers, the CI 2070 also provides a new revenue source by helping solve customers’ cellular reception problems in virtually any type of building.”
  • The CI2070 is available exclusively through the Wilson Certified Installer (WCI) network, and will not be available online.
  • For customers, the benefits include significantly extended service coverage for cellular devices indoors, reliable connections even in areas of weak signal, fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster data transfer rates on 4G and 3G networks and longer cellular handset battery life.
  • The CI 2070’s digital controls allow the installer to customize the signal amplification level on each of the five frequency bands. This allows an optimized signal boost to match the precise coverage requirements of each building where the CI 2070 is installed.
  • Despite its power, the CI 2070 is about the size of a small textbook and weighs less than three pounds (1.27 Kg), significantly more compact than competing solutions. This booster can be paired with a variety of Wilson antennas to create a custom signal boosting solution for virtually any location that suffers from weak cell reception.
  • Like all Wilson signal boosters, the CI 2070 features patented cell site protection technology that prevent any possibility of interference with any nearby cell tower. This unit meets all FCC requirements.
  • The CI 2070 boasts up to 75dB gain and more than 600 milliwatts of output power.