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CMA Initiates No Cost E-Waste Program

Northport, NY—Christopher Maione Associates has launched in collaboration with Project Green AV (PGAV) and Global Electronics Recycling (GER) a no-cost program for recycling AV Systems and equipment. This program will be made available to all InfoComm members.

In an effort to make Green initiatives easy and cost effective for the audiovisual industry, this program enables discarded AV Systems and equipment to be picked up at no cost and taken to one of GER’s facilities. The AV equipment is then "processed" and raw materials are recovered. Processed materials include shredded wire, shredded boards, reclaimed metals, reclaimed heat sinks, reclaimed batteries, processed plastics, and bulk copper.

GER is environmentally compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. It is ISO 9001 and 14001, and registered for implementing R2/RIOS. GER provides an auditable, documented End of Life (EOL) management solution that minimizes landfill use. For each AV System discarded, a Certificate of Destruction is issued.

Following a few easy steps, participants will find the recycle process simple and straightforward. The administration and tracking of the GER process is handled by PGAV. Once implemented, all questions or concerns regarding this program are handled by PGAV for on-going assistance.

"The program is a great way for AV consultants, systems integrators, and end user clients to ensure that old and obsolete equipment is properly processed and recycled," said Christopher Maione, CMA President.

Added Gina Sansivero, PGAV president, "It will not only be environmentally responsible but will assist us in developing additional programs for our industry and our clients that will help move us all towards increased sustainability."

Proceeds from the recycling efforts will benefit various Green initiatives within the AV industry sponsored by PGAV and to InfoComm's sustainable programs and community outreach.

The official program rollout will begin during InfoComm's AV Week, October 17-21, 2011. Please contact for more information on how to participate in this program.

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