New Products For October

New Products For October
  • Extron Electronics introduced the PA 300, an RGB peaking amplifier designed to drive high resolution computer-video signals over very long cable runs. The PA 300 offers an RGB video bandwidth of 350 MHz (-3 dB) and is capable of driving RGB video signals up to 600 feet (185 meters) with Extron MHR or similar cable, and up to 1000 feet (300 meters) on Extron RG6 or similar cable. The PA 300 features variable level and peaking controls, and sync restoration, and is ideal for a wide range of applications in rental and event staging, lecture halls, conference rooms, auditoriums.
  • The PA 300 features a variable gain control, which compensates for overall voltage losses to produce bright, high contrast images. Independent low and high frequency peaking controls compensate for smearing and detail losses common with long cable runs. Sync restoration is provided to restore sync voltage to TTL level.

3VR Security has introduced a new standard for intelligent video management across an enterprise. Version 5.0 includes an API enabling integration and search of data across third party systems like transaction management, POS, and access control. Other new features include enterprise system health monitoring, expanded video input support, and smaller, quieter hardware.

Building on existing features, Version 5.0 expands 3VR's leading facial surveillance features to include single-click publishing of watchlists and instant searches across distributed systems. The new API available in 5.0 allows users to search not only video data like people, objects, and activity, but also data from third party systems.

Extreme Launches Moondance Ballistic

Featuring innovative machined metal ball design, Moondance Ballistic is a vandal-proof, hurricane-proof PTZ speed dome designed for extreme hostile environments and bullet-proof PTZ performance. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, Moondance incorporates a flat, wiper-equipped UL752 level 1 ballistic window that both optimizes optical performance and protects from gunfire attack. Twin support arms secure the machined metal ball head, allowing the toughest, most versatile pan-tilt operation of any speed dome. Moondance Ballistic can be surface, wall, ceiling or pole mounted and captures surveillance images from both above and below the camera.

Furman/Panamax's MAX In-Wall PowerKit-TL

The Panamax's MAX In-Wall PowerKit-TL is available to Furman dealers. The four-component kit is designed to provide the ultimate power solution to remote display devices within a home theater system. Used in conjunction with a Furman power conditioner, the in-wall electronic extension system discreetly supplies safe, pure power from the main equipment rack to any remote display device, amplifier, or powered subwoofer, while at the same time improving picture and sound quality for a stunning viewing experience. The in-wall extension system also comes equipped with a retrofit-style J-box for placement anywhere desired in an already existing wall or panel and is UL approved and code compliant.

i-Tech's Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor

i-Tech's all weather/outdoor full-sun environment sunlight readable LCD monitors allow for full view of the display under full sunlight. This affordable solution is ready to deploy to any indoor and outdoor digital signage application for retail stores, restaurants, and gas stations.

Its sunlight LCD technology is able to increase LCD brightness up to 1300nits where many outdoor applications are affected by sunlight, or other high ambient lighting. Contrast ratios of 3000:1 overcome sunlight conditions and still provide an incredible image. The sunlight readable LCD monitor comes in sizes from 37 to 47 inches and in different configurations such as open frame, chassis mount, panel mount, and TV stands.

Intelix's AVO-V3AD-WP

Intelix recently announced the release of the AVO-V3AD-WP wallplate balun, which distributes a high-definition component video and digital audio signal up to 500 feet over standard Cat-5 cabling. The AVO-V3AD-WP features gold-plated female RCA connectors on a modular decora face-plate, and fits in a standard depth wall-box. It is fully compatible with Intelix's existing AVO-V3AD rack-mountable high-definition component video and digital audio balun. Both models are completely passive. To use, simply mount an AVO-V3AD-WP balun in a wall-box, connect standard unshielded twisted pair cabling such as Cat-5 or Cat-5e, and connect another AVO-V3AD-WP or compatible balun on the receiving end.

AGA's A'Diva Ti and Nucleus Micro Ti

Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) has released the A'Diva Ti (5-inch sphere) and the Nucleus Micro Ti (4-inch sphere), the new titanium-based additions to the A'Diva and Nucleus Micro series. The new Ti series speakers benefit from a revolutionary full-range transducer. In addition, the loudspeakers still feature AGA's patented S2 technology, which enhances low frequencies that go way beyond conventional satellite speakers.

The Ti series offers treble extension beyond 22kHz and achieves exceptional bass extension. The titanium/paper coupling combines the smooth and natural sound qualities of organic fibers with the superior treble extension and improved off-axis linearity of titanium. The voice coil, which has been enlarged to 1-inch diameter for even more dynamic range, is supported by an oversized Neodymium magnet with video shielding for freedom of placement.

Avocent's Emerge MPX1000

Avocent's Emerge MPX1000 product provides connectivity for moving high-definition content from one source to multiple destinations incorporating HDMI technology. High-resolution computer graphics up to 1280 x 768 resolution, HD video including 720p and 1080i, stereo audio, and control data are wirelessly transmitted to as many as eight wireless or wired receivers.

The Avocent Emerge MPX1000 HD multipoint extender includes a transmitter and receiver that provide feature-rich, high-definition media support for use in professional audio-visual applications. The Emerge MPX1000 extension product extends video and audio over standard 10/100 Ethernet wiring up to 3000 feet and wirelessly through walls up to 150 feet, or up to 1000 feet line of sight with optional directional antenna.

Crestron's TPMC-8X Touchpanel

Crestron's new Isys i/O TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel, features an embedded Windows XP operating system that provides secure onboard PC functionality including 802.11g wireless capabilities. TPMC-8X features more than 1.5 GB of memory providing high-speed performance in an ergonomic, lightweight, portable design. TPMC-8X offers a brilliant 8.4-inch SVGA screen, displaying 3D graphics and streaming video; and features built-in Bluetooth technology, biometric scanner, stereo speaker system, and microphone. The TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanels operate on an embedded PC platform that enables web access via Internet Explorer, streaming media using WindowsMedia Player 10, e-mail, and full PC applications in a secure environment all while providing intuitive control of AV distribution, lighting, climate control, and security.

Access data and run applications on other computers from the TPMC-8X via remote desktop, while onboard NetMeeting and Skype applications enable conferencing and voice-over-IP directly from the touchpanel. Built-in stereo speakers, dual integrated microphones, and a stereo headphone output provide full audio functionality to complement the TPMC-8X's touchpanel, video, and computer capabilities. Customized WAV files can be loaded on the touchpanel to add dimension to the touchscreen graphics with personalized sounds, button feedback, and voice prompts. The built-in biometric fingerprint scanner takes convenience and security to a new level, identifying individual users automatically.

beyerdynamic's Opus 900

beyerdynamic's Opus 900 wireless system offers a variety of transmitters. Transmitters for the system include the DM 960 S, DM 960 B and the DM 969 S dynamic transmitters; the EM 981 S and the CM 930 B condenser transmitters; the TS 900 M and TS 900 C pocket transmitters with re-chargeable contacts. Both the TS 900 M and TS 900 C are outfitted with ACT infrared interface for frequency setting, LCD for selected channel, group and battery status (five-stage), gain control, silent on/off switch, and four-pin mini-XLR input connector.

Three receivers, offering 99 pre-programmed frequencies, are available for the Opus 900 system; the NE 900 S single channel, NE 900 D dual channel and the NE 900 Q quad channel receiver. Both the NE 900 D and NE 900 Q are housed in a standard 1U/19-inch rackmount and feature an integrated antenna splitter, while the NE 900 S is housed in a 1U/9.5-inch rackmount. Each model has an engineer-friendly "jog wheel" for fast access and reconfiguration of the system. In addition, all offer a monitoring headphone output with volume control and balanced XLR per channel, remote-in and -out port and PC controllability.

JBL's Control 1 Pro Loudspeaker

JBL Professional's Control 1 Pro two-way compact loudspeaker has been re-engineered to provide smoother frequency response and more even coverage--making it ideal for a variety of near-field applications. The JBL Professional Control 1 also ships with mounting bracket included for easy installation against any flat surface when desired.

With monitor-grade high and low-frequency drivers, the Control 1 Pro's updated crossover network design provides steeper crossover slopes for exceptional sonic performance and improved consistency throughout the listening area. In addition, SonicGuard overload protection has been enhanced to provide better full-range protection of the transducers and network against excessive power surges from the amplifier, while still offering an impressive 150 watts continuous power handling capability.

Barix AG's Annuncicom 100

Barix AG's Annuncicom 100 features deployment over a standard IP or Ethernet network infrastructure to any number of locations. It can connect directly to a PC, or function autonomously with other Barix products for a PC-free solution. Professional applications include live voice over IP (paging, telephone, or automated announcements), music transmission and distribution, intercom functionality, monitoring, access control, and alarm applications.

Annuncicom 100 is used within the universal and stand-alone paging, emergency call and intercom system (IP Intercom). The device is equipped with an Ethernet interface and communicates over existing TCP/IP networks. All network-connected devices can be controlled from a single central command station.

Belden's 10GX IDC System

Belden's 10GX IDC System allows wall-mounted configuration of large cross-connect systems and interconnect rack-mounted systems. Easy to install and maintain, the innovative system provides a cost-effective alternative to modular patch panels and is designed to minimize network infrastructure expenses while improving network uptime and security. Enhancing the Belden IBDN System 10GX, the 10GX IDC solution meets the TIA/EIA 568 B.2 standard and is uniquely engineered to deliver unmatched 10G performance, with ample headroom to handle 10GBase-T data networking and multimedia applications.

The cornerstone of the system is the 10GX IDC Connecting Block which features three revolutionary technologies. The 10GX Connecting Block combines the MatriX and X-Bar technologies from the 10GX Module with the new X-Pair technology developed especially for this new system. The technology allows the twisted pair concept to be carried through the connecting hardware, making the connector transparent within the cable run. The 10GX IDC System can be configured in large cross-connect fields with up to 2300 x 2300 ports in a 20-foot wall space.

Calypso's CA-500 and CA-1000

The new CA-500 and CA-1000 miniature amplifiers from Calypso Control Systems each offer a full 32 watts of power with audio quality approaching professional levels. The mini-amps can be controlled via both IR and serial commands. Producing 16 watts per channel at 4 ohms, and 8 watts per channel at 8 ohms, the CA-500 is outfitted with a single balanced stereo input, and performs with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 85 dB and THD measuring .1 percent.

The CA-1000 comes with an expanded feature set based around four discrete inputs including a single balanced/unbalanced stereo input, a pair of stereo unbalanced inputs, and one mono balanced/unbalanced input. Channels one through three can be set as mono channels, while any pair of channels can be selected and mixed together using an onboard mixer that can be used to establish preset levels and fully-controllable source switching, plus volume and other controls. Given its multi-channel functionality, the CA-1000 can easily be used to seamlessly switch between DVD, PC, CD, and live microphone input. Conversely, an available ducking feature can be employed to automatically mute and un-mute other channels when a designated microphone channel is activated or inactive, all with selectable time delays.

dnp's Supernova Flex

The Supernova Flex is an electronic version of dnp Denmark's Supernova screen that enables projected images to be seen vividly, maintaining color saturation and fine details even in high ambient light conditions. The Supernova Flex features a newly developed brushless DC motor with built-in acceleration/deceleration profiles for fast, smooth, and silent positioning, the fastest among motorized screens, providing smooth and low noise operation. The screen's enclosure is made from high-grade anodized aluminum to ensure a low weight and a sleek design that is a stylish compliment to any décor.

Klein Tools' New Lubricants

Klein Tools recently added two new synthetic lubricants to its wire and cable pulling lubricant line: Premium Synthetic WAX Wire Pulling Lubricant, available in a one-quart squeeze bottle, a one-gallon pail and a five-gallon bucket; and Premium Synthetic Polymer Wire Pulling Lubricant available in the same respective sizes. These products go beyond traditional lubricants by introducing synthetic formulations that significantly advance the properties of the compound, drastically reducing friction for easier pulling.

Klein Tools' all-purpose Premium Synthetic Polymer Wire Pulling Lubricant is a new type of lube added to the Klein Tools line. This polymer/glycol-based lube is designed for electrical, telecommunications, and data applications. It is compatible with all types of cable, including polyethylene and semi-conducting jackets.

Kramer Electronics' VP-414 And VP-416 Video Scalers

Kramer Electronics' VP-414 and VP-416 video scalers are high quality scalers that are part of the Kramer Tools line of extremely compact products. The VP-414 and VP-416 are scalers designed to accept a composite or s-Video (YC) signal and scale it up to a computer graphics video output resolution or an HDTV output resolution.

The VP-414 has a 15-pin HD output connector and the VP-416 has a DVI-I output connector. Both models have an input selection switch to toggle between the composite video and s-Video (YC) inputs and a resolution button to toggle between the output resolutions. Both the VP-414 and the VP-416 have 3D de-interlacing circuitry and 3D comb filters resulting in extremely high image quality from such compact and cost effective units.

Sennheiser's Wireless Floor Stands

:Sennheiser is introducing three new microphone stands with a cable connection at its base rather than at the microphone itself. This new system means that plug-on wireless transmitters can now be attached to the bottom of the stand or, if preferred, cables can be connected at the base eliminating the necessity to run the mic cable up the stand itself. While the 60cm and 80cm variants are ideal for use as "wireless" floor stands at large events, the 30cm version is designed for TV and panel discussions. The stands can be combined with a choice of Sennheiser MZH goosenecks and ME microphone heads, and can be converted to wireless operation using an SKP 3000 or SKP 500 plug-on transmitter.

Lab.gruppen's C Series

Lab.gruppen has expanded its popular C Series installation-dedicated amplifiers with the addition of four new amplifiers, two each in 8-channel and 4-channel formats. The new models are: C 20:8X (8 x 250 watts), C 10:8X (8 x 125 watts), C 10:4X (4 x 250 watts), and C 5:4X (4 x 125 watts). Power ratings for each are the same at 70V, 4 ohms, 8 ohms, and 16 ohms. The C 20:8X and C 10:8X weigh 21 pounds. The C 10:4X and C 5:4X weigh 18.75 pounds.

With all C Series models, each pair of channels may be bridged to provide a variety of output configurations. Full power without clipping is assured, as overall input sensitivity on all models is adjustable in 3dB increments from 23 to 44dB. Additionally, VPL (voltage peak limiting) tailors each individual output for the specific load conditions, providing eight peak power output levels to optimize performance while protecting mid- and high-frequency voice coils.

Bosch's DCN Software

Bosch has introduced enhancements to its Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation software. Bosch's new synoptic microphone and voting software provides a range of new functions including automatic seat assignment, synoptic microphone monitoring and control, synoptic voting management, easy control of the system, monitoring and adjustments of all settings, and automatic link to PowerPoint to show real time voting results in graph formats.

The traditional control panel and buttons are replaced with a highly intuitive user interface based on a graphical representation of the conference venue. As a device is connected to the system, it is automatically recognized and an icon is created and displayed on the on-screen room layout. The icons display information about device status and the operator can select individual devices for remote control functions. Speakers can be displayed on a monitor or TV screen with use of a video camera using the DCN Camera Control software. The addresses of the discussion units are linked to the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) pre-position of one or more Bosch AutoDome 360-degree cameras.

Mitsubishi's 1080p

Mitsubishi's 1080p home theater projector, the HC5000BL, offers true 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution and performs seamlessly with the latest Blu-ray or HD DVD technology. The HC5000BL is designed with new inorganic LCD panels that are more durable and provide a more color-consistent, even-toned image than previous generation LCD panels. The LCD optical engine is enclosed to prevent dust from entering the engine, which decreases the number of particles landing on the LCD panels, and keeps the image cleaner.

Mitsubishi's HC5000BL delivers HQV through Silicon Optix's Reon-VX chip, which provides true HQV four-field, motion-adaptive, per-pixel, high-definition (HD) deinterlacing that delivers the sharpest and most detailed HD images possible. The HQV multi-direction diagonal filter removes any "jaggies" and/or stair-step artifacts from deinterlaced video sources without blurring the image, while sophisticated noise reduction technology removes the noise and artifacts caused by compression.

Peerless' One Mount

Peerless Industries unveiled its new One Mount flat panel modular mount for LCD and plasma screens from 23 inches to 84 inches. Peerless' One Mount flat panel modular mount is a single mount that can accommodate screens from 23 inches to 84 inches weighing up to 250 pounds and has been UL-tested. It is comprised of three interlocking wall plates that can be used together or separately, depending on screen size. These plates fit easily into position and can be held together using a minimum of two screws in a two-plate configuration or a maximum of only four screws in a three-plate configuration.

Rolls' RM67

Rolls Corporation announced the release of the upgraded RM67 Mic/Source Mixer. The RM67 is a single rack space mixer designed for the install/contractor market. The unit mixes three balanced microphones with four stereo sources to mono or stereo balanced outputs. The XLR microphone inputs have mic/line level switches, a send/return insert jack, and individually switchable +12 VDC phantom power. Priority talkover, with variable duck sensitivity is available on one microphone for paging, and on one source input for use on a jukebox, telephone system, etc.

Each microphone input has a level and tone control, and each source input has a level control. Bass and treble controls have been provided for all the sources, and a master output level control adjusts the level of all mixed signals. Source one has an added front-panel 3.5mm input. A pre-master RCA output has been provided for recording, and a remote volume output jack is provided for connection to a 100K ohm linear taper potentiometer and used as an external master level control.

rp Visual Solutions' rppm rp Panel Mount

rp Visual Solutions introduced the rppm rp panel mount, a push-pull or swing-wide mount for flat panels. The rppm is a custom unit compatible with all LCD panels and plasmas and can either be a standalone unit or attached to the wall or floor. Applications include point of sale, control rooms, training facilities, airports, conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies, waiting areas, and digital signage. The rppm can be designed as a push-pull mount allowing the flat panels to be pushed and pulled for service or a swing-wide mount where the mounts swing wide for service. The rppm rp panel mount eliminates having to dismount a flat panel in order to get access to the back of the unit and can be designed to accommodate a single flat panel or multiple flat panels.

SIM2's HT3000

:SIM2 is shipping the HT3000 single-chip 1080p front projector. The HT3000 is capable of displaying 1080p source material, such as the new HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats, at full-resolution, and features a 10-bit internal deinterlacer and scaling engine for optimal performance with other video sources, including DVD, 1080i, and 720p HDTV, and standard definition cable or satellite transmissions.

The HT3000 features two HDCP-compliant HDMI inputs, as well as VGA, component, composite, and S-Video inputs to accommodate a full range of video sources. RS-232 and IR input jacks are included to simplify integration with whole house control systems, and there are two 12V trigger outputs to control motorized screens and other support equipment.

Sonance's Sonamp 875D SE

Sonance's new Sonamp 875D SE is an eight channel, 75-watt RMS hybrid amplifier that delivers compactness and high-end sound quality in a useful package. Created for multiroom and multi-channel audio systems, the Sonamp 875D SE is a versatile performer that brings the natural, open sound quality of analog to a small digital amplifier. The digital-processing technology design employs advanced, "intelligent" adaptive/predictive high-frequency pulse modulation. The Sonamp 875D SE achieves the kind of low-distortion performance on both steady-state and transient distortion tests usually associated with Class AB amplifiers. Unlike conventional Class D amps, the hybrid Sonamp 875D SE's channel-pairs can be bridged to yield one, two, three, or four 300-watt channels (at 8 ohms).

TransAudio/Drawmer's S3

Drawmer's S3 stereo three-band optical ten-tube compressor incorporates the latest in Ivor Drawmer's designs and is intended to create a no-compromise circuit using high-grade components to bring the warmth of vintage quality mastering to a mix. The signal path consists of high performance input/out transformers, passive components and ten tubes (eight ECC83 and two 12BH7) configured as a fully balanced Class A design. The S3 houses an 'electronic oven' which provides and sustains the optimum LDR operating temperature, thereby maintaining calibration accuracy.

VizionWare's Active Digital HDMI Interconnects

VizionWare's digital technology delivers numerous improvements to HDMI digital cables and adapters, overcoming the limitations of passive, analog HDMI cables, enhancing transmission between the source and sink cable ends, lowering EMI radiation and interference with other wired and wireless connections, while delivering theater quality signals from the source to the display independent of cable length. VizionWare technology boosts the higher noise-susceptible frequencies. This minimizes signal loss in the cable, maintains the proper signaling levels, and allows for longer, lighter and more cost-effective cables, while delivering theater quality signals to the display.

Video Mount Products' UHF Antenna Amplifier

Video Mount Products has introduced its new equipment rack mount for 10-inch to 17-inch flat panel displays. The model ER-LCD1017 is used for mounting an LCD monitor flush with the side rails of a 19-inch equipment rack. Available with both VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting holes, the ER-LCD1017 can also be used to mount larger than 17-inch flat panel displays when mounted in the reverse direction. The new equipment rack mount is constructed of sturdy steel with a black static resistant finish. It comes with both 10-32 and 12-24 screws to mount to any existing 19-inch rack and includes both M4 and M5 screws for mounting of the flat panel display.

Teq Gear's WID101

Similar to wireless IP networks, Teq Gear's WID101 allows multiple users to share a single wireless XGA AV receiver, stream real time DVD content with audio, display presentations at native resolution, or stream MPEG or AVI files. Standard network security (WEP), in combination with digital encryption allows multiple units to be present in close proximity, for example in adjacent conference or training rooms without interfering with each other. Using the wireless XGA receiver in rental and staging applications means cost savings by reducing set-up and installation time. The WID101 can also be used as an AV over IP product and digital signage receiver within a wired local network (LAN).

Pelco's Endura 1.3

Pelco's Endura 1.3 is the newest version of its enterprise-class IP-based video security system software. Endura 1.3 delivers more power and flexibility to users, via an array of new features and usability enhancements. Spectra III EVS brings the power of the PTZ cameras to the Endura family, enabling greater flexibility for pushing intelligence to the edge of the network. DVR5300, capable of recording from analog cameras or IP streams, provides the ideal bridge between existing analog installations and a fully distributed IP video system.

With the 2IPS rate in EnduraStor, Endura now offers 15 frame rate/resolution combinations. Endura 1.3 takes diagnostics to the next level, with a new Diagnostic display window. Now diagnostics are woven seamlessly into the entire Endura system.

Radiant's New Digital Signage Product Lines

Radiant Displays announced four new LED digital sign product lines available for wholesale distribution to the digital signage industry. The self-contained LED modules are straightforward in their design, easy to install, and simple to maintain. With four different control system options, Incite can be configured as a cost-effective small sign or as a large format video screen. Currently, Incite is available in 17, 20, 24, and 34mm resolutions in both full color and monochrome. XGO is an IP65 rated modular LED display system built for extreme wet weather or marine conditions.

MeshFX is a new transparent mesh LED display. The MeshFX displays full-color media on a transparent grid, allowing objects to be seen through and behind the display. BriteWriter is an outdoor-bright monochrome LED window sign. BriteWriter hangs inside the window, but is bright enough to be seen in full sunlight.

Soundcraft's MPM Series

Soundcraft's MPM Series of multipurpose mixers is available in two standard frame sizes offering either 12 (MPM12/2) or 20 (MPM20/2) mono inputs, with each model featuring two additional stereo input strips. The MPM's highly transparent GB30 mic preamp, also used on Soundcraft's larger LX7ii and GB Series desks, feature high-resolution adjustment over a wide gain range of 55dB, and provides +22dB headroom through the console. Both the MPM12/2 and MPM20/2 are equipped with three auxiliary busses, configurable for use as effects or monitor sends, and all main connectors are professional XLR-type and 1/4-inch metal jack sockets for maximum reliability.

Speco's MA Speaker Series

Speco's Multi-Application (MA) Speaker Series was designed with the focus of making the contractor's work as easy and time-efficient as possible. The all-in-one unit, pre-assembled with a back can and mounted transformer, features a quick flip 70 or 25 Volt selector switch and an easy select transformer wattage dial featuring the choice of eight or nine individual wattage tap settings.

Peerless' One Mount

Peerless Industries' One Mount flat panel modular mount is a single mount that can accommodate screens from 23 inches to 84 inches weighing up to 250 pounds and has been UL-tested. It is comprised of three interlocking wall plates that can be used together or separately, depending on screen size. These plates fit easily into position and can be held together using a minimum of two screws in a two-plate configuration or a maximum of only four screws in a three-plate configuration. Designed to enable quick and easy installation in residential or commercial applications, it comes in a compact package that reduces shelf and storage space for professional installers and retailers.

SSL's XLogic X-Rack

Solid State Logic has introduced two new modules for the X-Rack system: the Four Channel Input, a four mono line input module and the Master Bus, a summing, metering and control room module. Together the new input and output modules allow users to build a multi input, dual stereo bus mini SSL with Total Recall. The Four Channel Input module takes four line-level mono signals, each with their own solo, volume and pan controls and provides options to route them into either the X-Rack Master Bus or Record Bus. Each input also has its own insert point to integrate other X-Rack modules (or outboard units) that can be switched into the signal path. Combining multiple Four Channel Input modules, a 28 input, dual stereo SuperAnalogue mix bus can be created in a single X-Rack chassis.

TV One's MX-314 Switchers

TV One's lineup is now embracing its newest addition of three video/audio switchers. The MX-3141PCA, MX-3141CSVA, and MX-3141HDA have wide bandwidth and are products that meet the requirements for signal routing.

The MX-3141PCA switches YPbPr Component HDTV and PC video as well as stereo analog audio. The MX-3141CSVA switches NTSC or PAL Composite or S-Video plus stereo analog audio while the MX-3141HDA switches YPbPr Component HDTV video and analog or coaxial digital stereo audio. All units have four video and audio inputs and can handle any bandwidth greater than 300 MHz.

Extreme's M4 And MX4 CCDs

Extreme's M4 and MX4 CCDs have been upgraded with greater resolution, superior night vision performance and enhanced picture quality. The new Mechanical Filter CCDs enhance the imaging capabilities of over 30 camera models but with no price increase despite the added value. The M4 and MX4 enhancements include greater resolution at 550 TVL color/570 TVL monochrome for sharp, high resolution images; five times the sensitivity for outstanding night-time performance; and enhanced color reproduction for vivid daytime imaging.

Communications Specialties (CSI) is shipping the new RoHS compliant Pure Digital Fiberlink 7250 Series all-digital fiber optic system that transmits RGB at resolutions up to WUXGA and stereo audio over two single mode or multimode fibers. The 7250 Series uses all digital technology and no compression, adjustments, scaling or color space conversion for the highest performance. A unique design feature allows the two fibers to be cross connected - meaning that each fiber may be connected to either input on the receiver unit without affecting system operation.

Kramer's 900 Stereo Power Amplifier

:Kramer Electronics has launched its 900 stereo power amplifier, which accepts either unbalanced stereo audio on RCA inputs or balanced stereo audio on terminal block connectors. It delivers a speaker output of 9 watts RMS per channel into a 4-ohm load. It includes a volume control and has a signal-to-noise ratio of 63 dB, unweighted. The speaker output is on 4-pin terminal block connectors.

Red Microphones' Type A Tube

Red Microphones has introduced the Type A, a tube microphone based on a system of interchangeable capsules. Combining low noise and superb transient response along with a choice of nine different interchangeable capsules called "The Redheads" the Type A is a microphone system that is as versatile as it is dependable. The bayonet-mount capsules can quickly be changed for a stunning variety of sounds and pickup patterns without having to shut off the included "PowerStream" power supply.

The transformerless Class A discrete amplifier circuit of the Type A is a modern design with a nod to the classic circuits of yesterday. Utilizing a single hand-selected ECC88 vacuum tube, the Type A can reproduce musical detail and subtlety previously only heard in mics costing thousands more.

Mitsubishi's HD1000U Projector

Mitsubishi's HD1000U projector offers high-definition DLP technology from Texas Instruments. The HD1000U projector is designed with its same basic chipset, Texas Instruments' DDP3020, and a modest imaging digital micromirror device (DMD) chip to keep costs low. The projector includes BrilliantColor, also from Texas Instruments, which uses a color-processing algorithm and system-level enhancements for greater brightness and truer, more vibrant colors while increasing mid-tone color levels by more than 50 percent.

At 1500 ANSI lumens, the HD1000 doesn't require a completely darkened environment; it blasts enough light for a great home theater experience, even in rooms with windows.

Avocent's Emerge ECMS2000U

Avocent's Emerge ECMS2000U digital workstation extender provides hardware-based extension for digital/analog video, USB keyboard and mouse, USB media, and audio signals. The Emerge ECMS2000U extender makes it possible to back-rack broadcast quality servers without impact to post-production operations. The product consists of a computer node and user node interconnected in a point-to-point manner at Gigabit Ethernet rates using IP protocols over a single UTP cable.

The Avocent ECMS2000U extender removes the requirement for conditioned power in the edit suite and greatly reduces ambient noise in the creative space (Edit suite or control room). Because the product offers hardware extension, it eliminates the burden that software products place on target servers. The virtual media functionality of the product provides a cost-effective alternative for expensive USB 2.0 extension products.

RHINO's Non-Adhesive Label Printer Cartridges

RHINO has added the Non-adhesive Tag to its line of label printer cartridges. New RHINO Non-adhesive Tag cartridges drop into hand-held, electronic RHINO label printers (RHINO 5000, 3000 and 1000) in the same way that other adhesive-style label cartridges do. Installers simply enter the label text and size they need and press "print". The label information is output on the non-adhesive tag in the exact size the installer needs, right at the job site. The need for individual or various size tag inserts is eliminated, saving the installer space in his toolbox and money in his pocket.

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