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LCD specialist and display system integrator Apollo Display Technologies is offering a new range of kitted TFT LCD solutions that include Apollo LCDs and industrial single board computers (SBCs) from IBASE Technology, USA.

Apollo develops complete TFT LCD systems, consisting of a display, adapted industrial single board computer (SBC), and all accessories – completely tested and ready for use. These systems or “kits” consist of combined and coordinated components, as many as 10 depending on the application.

Apollo is now offering kits for TFT LCDs ranging in size from 6.5” to 82” diagonal used in a wide variety of industrial applications as well as medical, ruggedized, marine and digital signage. The kits typically include an Apollo LCD, the appropriate IBASE industrial SBC, matched BIOS, a backlight inverter and data interface cables with multiple O/S choices.
“IBASE’s wide range of industrial PC products allows us more than ever before to take customers’ CPU/processor requirements and provide them with an SBC kit solution that is truly optimized for their application,” said Apollo Managing Director, Richard McKay. “Our partnership with IBASE brings world class industrial PC technology to our advanced TFT kitting solutions program.”

The IBASE component of the new Apollo TFT LCD kits may be a CPU card (full-size, half-size or industrial backplane), industrial motherboard (Mini-ITX, ATX, Micro ATX or Networking), Disk-Size SBC (5.25”, 3.5” or ECX), ETX (COM Express module, ETX CPU module or ETX baseboard), Compact PCI board, or PC/104 Plus module.

Using a unique modular system, Apollo can combine these components in different ways, supplying cost-efficient standard kits as well as custom versions adapted to individual requirements.

Pricing for Apollo’s new range of kitted TFT LCD solutions varies depending on customer requirements. For information: Tel: (631) 580-4360; sales@apollodisplays.com; www.apollodisplays.com.


Apollo for Ad and Customer Info

Vitrine, the latest plug-and-play digital signage solution from Apollo Display Technologies, is an elegant stand-alone or wall-mounted multi-display unit with up to six TFT LCDs for indoor advertising or customer information. Vitrine provides a slim, sleek, cost-efficient solution for any indoor area where advertising or information needs to be displayed in one location on multiple monitors. Vitrine’s utilization of Apollo’s Windows-based ArtistaControlCenter™ software (available separately) in conjunction with Apollo’s ArtistaUSB™ or ArtistaNET™ (LAN) controllers makes Vitrine easy to use and program from any standard PC. (A low cost SBC w/ 1Ghz ULV processor and 1GB memory will suffice.) One static image or a sequence of images as a slide show can be individually assigned to each display. The duration of each image on the screen is whatever the user decides, from 100 ms to 24 hours. The user uploads images from a USB s

Apollo Converter Boards

The new PRISMA II series of RGB/DVI/Video Converter Boards from Apollo Display Technologies provides a range of cost-effective solutions with analog control for connecting TFT LCDs to standard graphics and/or video interfaces. Input signals such as analog RGB, analog video or DVI are automatically converted into TTL or LVDS signals accepted by TFT displays.

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