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The Art of Techorating, July 27th

Almo Professional A/V will host a webinar on Friday, July 27, titled “The Art of Techorating with Commercial Displays.”

"Techorating" is a term coined in 2008 by interior designer Doug Wilson, as a concept for the emergence of integrating display technologies and home decor in balance with one another. Over the last couple of years "techorating" has migrated to commercial applications as well as digital signage. Techorating is the blending of modern display technologies with the art of decorating a space to ensure that the design and electronics suit the style and function of the space. The successful "techoration" of a space can serve as a functional and decorative part of the system and in the process, expand the look and feel of the environment.

Featured speakers Alan Brawn and Jonathan Brawn, Principals of Brawn Consulting, will explore the process of "techorating" a space, discuss applications for "techoration" in commercial AV and digital signage applications and show examples of "techorating" in practice.

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