Twitter Round-Up: "That's the sound of a thousand Heat fans jumping off the 'wagon of band.'"

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Welcome back #AVTweeps! Now that the dust has settled from InfoComm 2014, we've slowly been digging ourselves out a pile of unanswered emails and, with help from Brock McGinnis (who's featured in this week's Twitter round-up), realizing the value of the show this year. Judging by the amazing positivity we saw on our Twitter timeline, it looks like InfoComm was good for business. From inspiring quotes and wise words to company outings, there was no shortage of encouraging Tweets this week — that is, unless you're a Heats fan (thanks, @ErinCouch).


Twitter Round-Up: InfoComm 2014 Day 1 promo image

Twitter Round-Up: InfoComm 2014 Day 1

Congrats on making it through the first day of InfoComm 2014! As you head to tonight's parties and receptions, I get the feeling that Oblong's preview and Tata Communications' Anthony Bartolo will be among the most talked about events of the day. They were certainly the most tweeted!

Twitter Round-Up: InfoComm 2014 Day 2 promo image

Twitter Round-Up: InfoComm 2014 Day 2

While some folks have fled InfoComm by Day 2, others are just beginning! Today's Twitter round-up gives a good sense of the sights, sounds, and robots that mixed and mingled within the convention walls.