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TvONE Ships Newly Enhanced 17" LCD Monitor

TvONE Ships Newly Enhanced 17" LCD Monitor

JSTvONE is now shipping its new LM-1750HDW Multiple Format 17" Color LCD Monitor.


The LM-1750HDW replaces the recently discontinued LM-1750HD. It encompasses all of the features of the LM-1750HD, but with an enhanced resolution to 1920x1080, which allows for the 1:1 display of 1080i/p sources and additional features such as high brightness, wide viewing angle, excellent contrast ratio, and high definition color resulting in an outstanding image.

  • The LM-1750HDW features inputs for SDI (either SD or HD) with an active output, HDMI, Analog RGBHV, YUV or YPbPr Component Video and 2x Composite Video. A YC input is available and can be used in lieu of one of the Composite inputs. NTSC & PAL Television Standards are supported and automatically detected. Five Stereo inputs are also provided and dual internal speakers driven by a 3 watt amplifier provide stereo audio monitoring capability. Front panel Tally LED's can be activated external via the DB9 connector.