tvONE Introduces HDMI 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Solution

The new 4K HDBaseT 5Play Wallplate Solution is now available via tvONE.

The new solution consists of the 1T-CT-653-USWP Transmitter and the 1T-CT-654-USWP Receiver. Together, this transmitter and receiver system employs HDMI v1.4 capability and HDBaseT 5Play technology to allow transmission of uncompressed, 1080p high definition video signals over a single Cat.5e or Cat.6 cable (this is the type cable typically employed for Ethernet computer networks). HDMI v1.4 signals are supported and the system will also allow DVI signal transmission with appropriate DVI to HDMI Cable adapters. In addition, embedded 7.1CH LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio capability is standard.

  • The 1T-CT-653-USWP/1T-CT-654-USWP system can achieve signal distribution distances of up to 100 meters (325 feet) for uncompressed 1080p signals without signal degradation. Control signals can be transmitted (Ethernet, Infrared or RS- 232) and PoH (Power Over HDBaseT) technology is employed to allow powering of the Receiver from the Transmitter, negating the need for a separate power supply for that unit. The wall mount units are fully compatible with tvONE's free standing HDBaseT 1T-CT-653 transmitter and 1T-CT-654A receiver.
  • "These new architectural, in-wall solutions are the latest addition to tvONE's end-to-end solutions for AV integration projects," said Andy Fliss, director of marketing at tvONE. "It's our mission to provide tightly focused solutions to connect, transmit, and perfect video of all types."
  • The 1T-CT-653-USWP/1T-CT-654-USWP system is readily available and now shipping.
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