TOA Introduces MA-725FH Matrix Amp -

TOA Introduces MA-725FH Matrix Amp

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The What: TOA has introduced the new, six-input MA-725FH Matrix Amplifier.

The What Else: At its core, the MA-725FH is a six-input matrix mixer: four of its inputs are configured for BGM or other line-level sources, while two balanced inputs are designated for priority sources, such as paging mics or message players. This is coupled in a single chassis with a four-by-250-watts (at 70 or 100 volts) Class D amplifier, capable of driving large speaker complements with maximum efficiency. A totally digital product supporting 24-bit, 48kHz digital sound quality, its simple user interface belies its advanced inner workings. The only controls any user needs to access are the front panel source select buttons and four output level (zone) controls. All other controls are placed on the rear panel to prevent unauthorized tampering. An optional wall control (WP-700-AM) can be connected via a single Cat-5 cable to each output channel, allowing independent volume control and source select for each zone.

The digital mixer section also features a menu of 32 speaker EQ presets (selectable by dip-switch), factory-loaded to optimize the sound of most popular TOA PA speakers. It even provides settings to allow biamping with subwoofers. Additional memories are also provided for storing custom EQ presets. TOA will also offer a non-powered (MM-700F Matrix Mixer only) version for use with other amplifiers.

The Bottom Line: The MA-725FH is designed to address the demand for mid-level background music and paging systems needing higher power with multiple zones and allowing BGM integrators to fulfill project needs more quickly and cost-effectively.


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