New Products August 2008

New Products August 2008
  • Extron Electronics' new CrossPoint Ultra Series of Ultra-wideband matrix switchers are available in 12 models and 6 I/O sizes from 8x4 to 16x16 and is for complex AV routing applications that require efficient, reliable operation at the highest computer-video resolutions without signal loss or degradation. Key features of CrossPoint Ultra models include Ultra-wideband performance of 525 to 600 MHz RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded, depending on model.

TV One DVI-D Distribution Amplifiers

The TV One-task series of DVI-D distribution amplifiers consist of three professional units that distribute two and four DVI-D signals. The 1T-DA-552 provides two DVI outputs, the 1T-DA-554 provides four DVI outputs and the 1T-DA-564 provides four DVI outputs plus four analog stereo and four S/PDIF Coaxial Audio outputs. The 1T-DA-500 Series provides a technology that supports Deep Color video plus new, lossless Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital +, and DTS-HD Master Audio digital audio.

Aurora YIPI

Aurora Multimedia's YIPI is an acronym that means your IP interface. YIPI is software designed to help AV integrators create graphic control pages for automated environments. The new version, YIPI 3.5, will be available from YIPI is designed for use with Aurora's WACI control system. WACI is an open system, which allows programmers to choose from many standard programming platforms to create GUIs. YIPI 3.5 is fundamentally a web site creation tool that allows users to apply hardware controls to the webpages.

Denon DN-A300M Amplifier

Denon Professional's DN-A300M professional integrated amplifier is a 3U high, 2 x 100 watt integrated amplifier/background music paging system, perfect for a wide range of applications. The front panel features a host of familiar controls, including a six-position music source input selector; mic level, volume, bass and treble controls; mic mix and mic automatic gain control; and loudness, automatic music mix, speaker A/B on/off, and power on/standby/off switches.

Wohler RM Series HD Monitors

Wohler's new RM series of high-definition monitor packs are ideal for video and audio confidence monitoring. Each screen can display eight channels of VU over PPM audio level meters, UMD, safe areas, frame marks, cropping, switchable aspect ratios, as well as built-in color bars. The RM HD units also provide an active loop-through output for each SDI input.

BTX MaxBlox CD-MX15

The MaxBlox CD-MX15M and CD-MX15F by BTX Technologies are professional cable and panel mount high density 15 pin VGA connectors.
Ideal for AV applications, the CD-MX15M and CD-MX15F connectors offer a shorter length and height than any similar product on the market and are manufactured with Phoenix Contact terminal blocks. The connectors accommodate a wide range of wire diameters, from .120 inch to .500 inch, and can be panel mounted as stand-alone connectors or cable mounted when used with the included CD-MX159H clamshell hood.

Crestron Isys

Crestron's Isys TPS-6X wireless touchpanel features a bright, high-contrast color touchscreen, and offers a user-interface for controlling home theater and multimedia presentation, as well as a host of other uses, providing a wide open canvas for the creation of custom control screens tailored to each unique application. Compact and portable, the TPS-6X does away with piles of remotes and cryptic control panels, affording one-touch control over a broad range of complex devices and systems.

Samson SZ Series Amplifiers

Samson has designed the SZ Series amplifiers were developed to provide robust, clean output with low distortion while the ZM mixers are ideal for distributing music and announcements throughout different rooms. Both the SZ and ZM lines offer the dependability demanded by professional audio installers. The SZ Series includes three models: the SZ1120, the SZ1240, and the SZ1360. All of the models are single channel amplifiers with the SZ1120 reaching full power at 120 watts at 4 ohms; the SZ1240: 240 watts at 4 ohms; the SZ1360: 360 watts at 4 ohms.

Premier Mounts Suspension Mount

Premier Mounts has designed and installed a suspension mount for Panasonic's 103-inch flat-panel display. A less intrusive digital signage placement option, the custom mounting solution securely suspends the 485 pound flat-panel display from the ceiling. The 200 pound suspension mount has a maximum weight capacity of 1600 pounds, and includes: cable management system concealed by outer covers; locations for both an outlet box and magenta box in lower cover assembly and optional speaker brackets.

Mitsubishi 4700 And 5000 Series DVRs

Mitsubishi Digital has reached an agreement with DICE Corporation to integrate Mitsubishi's 4700 Series and 5000 Series digital video recorders with DICE's Central Station Monitoring System. DICE's flexible suite of database, functional, backup, and support products will immediately enhance the integration, performance, and operation of Mitsubishi DVRs within one unified platform. DICE's suite of CSMS products includes caller ID, which helps to avoid errors by monitoring incoming calls to central station and an authority database that can be used in the dispatch of location-based and monitoring services.

beyerdynamic MCS 20 Wired Conference System

beyerdynamics' MCS 20 wired conference system has only three components: the power supply unit, the chairman, and delegate microphone unit. The system is controlled and configured by the chairman microphone unit. The easy installation and intuitive operation make the system a choice for simple meetings. Set up, plug in, turn on, and the meeting can start. The Components include: MCS 20 power supply unit; MCS 223 chairman microphone unit; MCS 221 delegate microphone unit.

Community VLF Series

Community's VLF Series of versatile low frequency loudspeakers boasts a compact, low-profile design that is ideal for theaters, restaurants, houses of worship, and other applications, fitting into areas where larger subwoofers are impractical. The dual 8-inch VLF208 and dual 12-inch VLF212 are the first in a series of powerful and innovative new low frequency subwoofers. With a response down to 70 Hz in passive mode or 60 Hz using digital signal processing, the VLF208 can function in pairs as a steered bass array, and is equipped with fly points and four rubber feet.

Avocent Emerge EMS

Avocent's Emerge EMS series of VGA over Cat-5 extenders deliver high resolution crystal clear video and CD quality digital stereo audio across installations up to 1,000 feet away. With the newly added RS232 support, video display panels can be controlled and interrogated remotely, making the EMS series the ideal professional digital signage solution.

D&M PMD-580 Solid State Recorder

D&M Professional's PMD-580 Solid State Recorder is the newest addition to its family of rackmount digital recorders. The new PMD580 brings many of the same features and high sonic quality found in the PMD Series recorders but adds network connectivity. Via its ethernet port, the PMD580 can be positioned as a network device, allowing users to set menu parameters, schedule recording events, and transfer and archive audio files, all by using a web-based GUI interface from any PC in the network.

DPI Lightning Projection System

Digital Projection International has introduced the Lightning 1080p Ultra Contrast, a new product in its Lightning Professional Series II platform. Sharing the same footprint, lenses, and control protocol as the Lightning 30 and 40-1080p displays, the Ultra Contrast has received major enhancements to its optical system in order to maximize contrast performance and black level. Specifically, the Lightning 1080p Ultra Contrast delivers 10,000 lumens and an impressive 4,000:1 contrast ratio.

Furman M1500-UPS-PFP Programmable UPS

The Furman M1500-UPS-PFP maintains power temporarily during short blackouts or brownouts to prevent lengthy restart sequences, and protects equipment by allowing it to safely shut down during extended blackouts. The true sine wave M1500-UPS-PFP features unique IR control that allows automation for remote components that require a shut down procedure. In addition, voltage regulation prevents equipment lock-ups due to power sags, and keeps equipment from heating up. An RS232 interface provides programming control and interface for automation systems and personal computers.

ITC Tool-Less Mini Coax Connectors

Unlike compression mini connectors, with a blind-entry that can misguide the center conductor, ITC's mini connectors are designed to provide a more robust and certain connection in the field. The installer performs the braid termination with ease using one piece, while the second piece has a smooth, tapped channel to guide the center conductor in place. Then, you just twist until secure. In addition, the connectors offer a minimum-resistance, easy access center pin entry for the center conductor, whether solid or stranded.

TOA F Series Ceiling Speakers

TOA Electronics has upgraded its F Series ceiling speakers. Four new models, F-122CU2, F-2322C2, F-2352C2, and F-2852C2 are now packaged as two speakers and two tile bridges, all in one box. The new tile bridges allow simpler and faster installation, ordering convenience and lower shipping costs. Existing TOA mounting C-rings and trim rings will continue to be available for installations that do not require tile bridges.

Klein + Hummel Loudspeakers

Klein + Hummel's IS-122, IS-123, and IS-153 loudspeakers incorporate pattern control, frequency response, and feature a modular, removable back plate system, making the line a perfect match for performing arts, house of worship, and music venues. With two 12-inch designs and one 15-inch model, Klein + Hummel's installation speakers can be tailored to virtually any application. The IS-122 features a 12-inch, two-way design, while the IS-123 and IS-153 have a three-way design.

FiberPlex LightViper

FiberPlex's LightViper Shadow is a combined media fiber optic transport system. The 2.5-GHz system will handle a variety of media, including audio, intercom, ethernet, RS422/232/485 control, composite video, and TTL data. With optional component modules, DMX lighting control, MIDI, CANBUS, and other control data can also be handled.

LG Plasma HDTVs

With a sleek invisible speaker system and proprietary Public Display settings that lock the control panel so the TV image cannot be disturbed in a public setting, LG's three new plasma HDTVs are ideal for commercial applications. While all three plasma models are built around long-life 100,000-hour panels, the 60-inch class size PG30FC is LG Commercial's first plasma full HDTV 1080p commercial grade television. In a 3.3-inch thin design, the HDTV plasma also boasts a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 and provides whiter whites and richer blacks.

Stewart Filmscreen Cabaret Screen

Stewart Filmscreen's Cabaret Screen is a stylish addition to its line of electric retractable screens for applications where the screen housing is exposed. With a new housing, the Cabaret Screen offers a different approach to roll down screens. The expandable and interchangeable design of the Cabaret Screen allows for future creativity. In addition to being a beautiful enhancement to any multi-media environment, the Cabaret Series frame was constructed to make installation quick and easy with level bubbles included.

Middle Atlantic ASP-OWP Series

New from Middle Atlantic Products are the ASP-OWP Series anti-slip cable pads designed to improve cable management and performance in AV applications. When cable is dropped in from the top of racks and enclosures where hook and loop or wire tie type fasteners are used, the weight of the cable creates a significant and often problematic strain on the tie points, connection points, and horizontal to vertical transition points.


Video Mount Products' PDM-C universal flat panel ceiling mount is the answer for unique applications where medium to large flat panels cannot be wall mounted. The PDM-C can hold larger flat panels for virtually endless applications. The PDM-C is also the answer for situations where heavier flat panel monitors need to be ceiling mounted and the installer wants the reliability and dependability they have come to expect from Video Mount Products.

MultiDyne LIGHTBoX

MultiDyne's LiGHTBoX fiber optic field transport system is fully customizable offering virtually any signal configuration and can be linked via tactical fiber cable to the MultiDyne DVM-2500, HD-1500, HD-3000, and HEMC-4000.

Christie DLV1400-DL And DLV1920-DL Projectors

Christie has introduced two dual lamp three-chip DLP high performance rear screen projectors--the Christie DLV1400-DL and Christie DLV1920-DL. In addition, the company has expanded the one-chip DLP series of RPMX and RPMSP rear screen projectors to include brighter 132W versions--the Christie RPMX-D132U and Christie RPMSP-D132U. The DLV1400-DL and Christie DLV1920-DL 3-chip DLP models feature SXGA+ and native HD resolution respectively for high brightness, large screen displays.

Neutrik ConvertCon

Neutrik's ConvertCon is a new 3-pin male and female cable connector in a single housing. ConvertCon is also available with black chrome housing and gold contacts. By simply sliding the housing back and forth, ConvertCon is transformed from a male to female connector. This new male/female cable end XLR allows for use of one connector, as it can mate with either a male or female 3-pin XLR. ConvertCon shares some of the features and benefits of Neutrik's best-selling XLR XX series.

Martin Audio W8VDQ

Martin Audio's new W8VDQ compact, three-way system combines line array and differential dispersion technologies to provide an advanced solution for even coverage over wide angles and throw distances. The system has been designed to provide a short-throw horizontal dispersion of 120 degrees, narrowing to 100 degrees as the throw increases. The vertical differential directivity creates progressively more HF output as throw distance increases. The resulting dispersion pattern is ideally suited to covering audiences located on flat, or gradually sloping surfaces.

Altinex MT2488CV CourtView 8

Altinex's MT2488CV CourtView 8 courtroom AV control and integration system provides all the necessary cables, connectors, switching equipment, control panels, programming, and step by step setup instructions to assemble a AV system optimized for today's courtroom environment. At the heart of the courtroom design is the MultiTasker Universal Audio Video integration system. The CourtView 8 consists of an 8x8 VGA-UXGA switcher, which is used to connect four laptops, one document camera, and two DVD sources to display devices such as plasma or LCD video monitors, projectors, and the judge's monitor.

Canton Chrono Loudspeakers

Canton has expanded its Chrono line of loudspeakers with two new models: the three-way Chrono 511 DC tower and the compact Chrono 501 on-wall speaker. The new models become the largest and smallest models in the lineup, which now consists of six full-range models and a powered subwoofer. Like the rest of the Chrono full-range models, the 511 DC and 501 each employ the company's ADT-25 aluminum-manganese dome tweeter.

OWI CRS-101 System

OWI's CRS-101 infrared wireless microphone system is ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, training rooms, and hotel meeting rooms. The slim, fully lockable, wall mounted, infrared receiver/amplifier/mixer accepts three different line level inputs. Because the CRS-101 is wall-mounted, there are no freestanding or rack-mounted components to take up closet space or be knocked off a shelf, and no unsightly tangle of wires. The CRS-101 system can simultaneously control two included infrared wireless microphones, and each device can adjust its volume by independent controls to obtain the best audio effects for each individual room layout.

Radial V8 Coupe

Radial's V8 Coupe is a more compact version of the Radial V12 convertible modular snake. The smaller V8 Coupe is designed to accommodate custom splitter designs for combining multiple digital consoles with differing data formats, providing analogue mic splits for recording live shows and the smaller footprint makes the V8 particularly advantageous for fly-packs. Following the same modular approach as used in the V12, the V8 allows multiple eight-channel input or output modules to be mounted into the frame. These can then be combined with any multipin format to suit.

Symetrix Wall Panel Accessories

Symetrix's ARC-2i Integrator Series adaptive remote control wall panel, RC-4/RC-4e remote volume plus selection wall panel, and MS-1/MS-1e sense microphone wall panel each extend the remote control capabilities of Symetrix, SymNet, and AirTools systems. The menu-driven Symetrix ARC-2i Integrator Series adaptive remote control wall panel is a more cost-effective version of the versatile ARC-2 featuring a white plastic faceplate in place of the ARC-2's sculpted aluminum. It includes an eight-character backlit display that supports up to thirty-one scrolling characters, providing instant user feedback for control assignments, default settings and actions.

Wireworks' PictureLink provides up to 24 high definition video channels through one simple and reliable connection, offering a simple, time saving and cost-efficient solution for both the installer and end-user. The PictureLink video solution includes multi-channel HD trunks which link between stageboxes, fanouts, and rackmount products forming a family of rugged and versatile components that revolutionizes the design and implementation of video systems. The entire PictureLink system is available in 3 to 24, 3GHz high definition coaxial channels in a single connector. Wireworks proven rectangular G-Series connector eliminates out-of-round and cross-threading problems that plague circular connectors.

Allen & Heath iLive

Allen & Heath has launched the iLive configuration utility, a new online tool to aid customers wishing to purchase the new modular digital system. The Flash-based web application enables the user to build their own iLive system, selecting iLive control surfaces, iDR10 MixRacks and the various components needed, to design a system tailored to their specific requirements. The application comprises three screens, starting with the iLive surface, followed by the MixRack, finishing with the addition of extra modules or accessories.

Danley Sound Labs DSLA Series

Danley Sound Labs' DSLA Series rack-mount amplifiers are available in four models rated from 1,700 watts to 6,500 watts. Utilizing the latest generation of high-speed, wide bandwidth output devices and a modular construction, the DSLA Series amplifiers are over-built to ensure stable operation in stereo or bridged mode when powering multiple or single loudspeaker enclosures down to a 2 Ohm load. All four models offer protection features for safe and trouble free performance night-after night, including twin-tunnel cooling with back-to-front airflow using dual, rear-mounted, continuously variable-speed fans.

AVerMedia EB1704

AVerMedia's EB1704 WiFi-4 NVR standalone NVR surveillance system offers an effective surveillance system that is ideal for small businesses and convenience stores. By taking full advantage of the wireless-IP world and breakthroughs in seamless NVR, camera and router compatibility, the EB1704HB WiFi-4 can be installed and setup with live video monitoring in under ten minutes. The EB1704 WiFi-4 can be connected to virtually any CCTV, LCD, or TV monitor with real-time recording and advanced MPEG4 compression.

Linear Acoustic StreamStacker-HD

Linear Acoustic's StreamStacker-HD high-density audio distribution system is capable of carrying multiple programs with surround sound, audio metadata, and associated auxiliary data. With this latest version, StreamStacker-HD now carries Dolby-compatible metadata and also generates and regenerates metadata in both the encoder and decoder, facilitating simple editing or correction of parameters. StreamStacker-HD users will benefit from the improved performance of the DTS Coherent Acoustics encoder.

Crest Audio X Series Mixers

Crest Audio's X Series rackmount mixers are the successor to the widely regarded X-Rack Series. X Series mixers feature the same lauded sonic accuracy, quiet operation, and core features as their predecessors, plus an updated circuit design and four new models: the X18R and X20R for mains and the X18RM and X20RM configured for monitors. With high-end performance and rock-solid construction, Crest Audio X Series mixers feature a modular package coupled with an extensive feature set suitable for virtually any application.

Astatic 727-18 Microphone

Astatic Commercial Audio's 727-18 microphone features a cardioid polar pattern. Special attention has been taken to ensure this microphone has high sensitivity while providing the durability and dependability associated with traditional dynamic microphones. In addition to the increased sensitivity, the microphone is designed with Astatic's RF Resistant Architecture, and it meets the standards for the European Union's ROHS directive.

InFocus IN1100

The InFocus IN1100 digital projector series offers mobility, high performance, and ease-of-use. At a 2.75 pounds, encased in a compact form factor, these projectors easily move with you to any meeting space in your building. The IN1100 has onboard DisplayLink technology which instantly connects, for toggle-free projection over USB. Choose between XGA or WXGA native resolution to match your 4:3 or 16:10 widescreen computer display.

Teleview TW-9300 Series PTZ Dome

Teleview Technologies has introduced the TW-9300/9300-OH, a fully-featured PTZ dome series with 26x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. It is available in a small-footprint indoor version or an outdoor version with heater and blower. Both versions are rated IP-67, which means they are waterproof and dustproof. This allows use even in difficult environments, such as industrial wash-down rooms or marine settings.

QuStream Embedders And De-Embedders

QuStream's MUX643 processes and reclocks 270 MHz to 3 Gbit/s inputs and can embed four AES/Dolby E inputs. The MUX683 provides the same features plus the ability to embed and process eight AES/Dolby E inputs. The DMX HD/SD de-embedder processes and reclocks 270 MHz to 3 Gbit/s inputs, extracting and processing four AES/Dolby E channels or eight AES/Dolby E channels.

Hitachi SK-HD1000 HDTV Camera

Hitachi's SK-HD1000 HDTV studio and field production camera has been significantly upgraded in features and performance since its introduction last year. The SK-HD1000 offers an impressive 60dB HDTV signal-to-noise ratio at F10.0 and 1100 horizontal TV lines of resolution in a unique two-piece camera platform for maximum configuration flexibility. The SK-HD1000 is based upon next-generation, high dynamic range RGB 2/3-inch progressive CCDs each with 2.2 million pixels, 14-bit A to D converters, and Hitachi's new digital circuits enabling exceptional depth of modulation, tonal reproduction, and highlight handling characteristics.

Riedel Connect IPx8

Riedel Communications' Connect IPx8 is a 19-inch/1RU unit converts eight bi-directional AES or analogue signals into IP data and vice versa. The solution provides high-quality intercom interfacing to IP based networks and allows matrix-to-matrix connections, matrix-to-control panel connections as well as the distribution of audio lines over IP. Connect IPx8 is available in three versions, offering different interface options. The Cat-5 and COAX versions are for connecting panels and other AES signals, while the AIO version is perfect for the connection of 4-wires and other analogue sources.

Matrox Graphics Veos

Matrox Graphics' Veos comprises three components--master unit, display unit, and repeater unit--that work in harmony to create highly flexible and easy-to-work-with digital signage installations. Veos enables a single computer to output up to three channels of content along a single metal-based cable. All Veos components provide over 330 feet of extension with the ability to daisy chain as many as required, allowing for a virtually unlimited number of displays--with zero loss to image quality.

Audix USB Plug and Play Microphone

The Audix USB12 gives you studio quality sound right at your desktop without any software. A stylish low profile desktop gooseneck microphone designed for recording voice and acoustic instruments directly into the computer via the USB port, the USB12 features a 12 mm modular threaded capsule for pinpoint accuracy. The USB12 is a plug and play microphone supporting 44.1k and 48k sample rates for both PC and Mac platforms.

SKB 3I-0907-6BDD Case

SKB's 3I-0907-6BDD is the latest model added to its extensive line of injection molded watertight cases. The new 3I-0907-6BDD offers a new interior configuration with a double layer of adjustable padded dividers, making it the perfect solution for handling microphones and smaller electronics in a secure watertight environment. The case measures 9 x 7 x 6 inches and can easily house six standard vocal microphones safely and securely. The case has a gasket seal and pressure equalization valve, providing a watertight design that is also resistant to corrosion and impact damage.

MilesTek IP Cameras

MilesTek has introduced a series of more than 12 technologically advanced IP cameras. The new IP cameras are flexible, reliable and affordable. They provide powerful, economical solutions for IP and network surveillance, especially in small business and residential applications. Unlike traditional CCTV systems, which can require substantial investments in installation time and equipment, MilesTek's IP cameras are easy to set up, require little additional equipment, and come supplied with user-friendly Cam Viewer Lite software. The cameras include wired, power-over-ethernet, and wireless versions.

Adder's AdderLink X-DVI extender can send both USB and DVI signals over the same Cat-6 cable. The X-DVI is ideal for users that require superior, no compromise video resolutions for use in industries such as medical and broadcast and for applications such as graphic design, drafting and animation. The AdderLink X-DVI will support the extension of USB keyboards and mice and high definition video over distances up to 165 feet. For faultless plug and play operation the AdderLink X-DVI transfers DDC EDID information from the screen so that the video card is always set up.

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