Barco Introduces New PresentationPRO II, ScreenPROII

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Barco announced July 18th two new products for the staging market, the PresentationPRO II, and ScreenPROII.

PresentationPRO II – High Performance Switcher is a compact, system that simplifies the task of supporting professional quality visual presentations, live events, corporate boardrooms, and church services.

Combining an eight input universal video router, Barco's high performance proprietary Athena scaler, and a full-featured control panel in a single integrated package. The eight universal analog inputs accept standard component and composite analog video formats (NTSC, PAL, SECAM), computer resolutions up to UXGA, analog HD formats including 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and Plasma display solutions.

Incorporating one output that provides all output interface functions. Output resolutions supported include computer resolutions up to 1600x1200, analog HDTV resolutions including 720p, 1080I, 1080p, and Plasma display resolutions.

The PresentationPRO II features SDI, HDSDI and DVI inputs. The DVI input provides a dedicated un-scaled high-resolution background or downstream key source (DSK). A DVI output is also provided.

Below are key features:
Barco Proprietary Processing
10-bit processing
1:1 Pixel Sampling
Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing (SD-SDI and Analog YUV)
3:2 and 2:2 Pull Down Detect
Image Cropping
Aspect Ration Correction
Low Video Delay – Less than 3 Input Fields
PresentationPRO II is ideal for use whenever multiple A/V sources must be switched to provide a professional quality presentation. Typical applications include live events, corporate boardroom presentations, church services, education and training courses.

Building upon the popular ScreenPRO, Barco also announced the next level of high performance technology, ScreenPRO II. ScreenPRO II High Resolution Seamless Switcher is a multi-layer video display system that combines seamless switching with a variety of flexible video effects to provide a versatile video production tool for live event staging and fixed installation applications.

ScreenPro II is for use whenever multiple video sources must be seamlessly switched to provide a professional quality presentation. ScreenPro II is designed for live staging events, auditoriums, multimedia presentations, and education and training events.

ScreenPRO II uses four image layers (Unscaled Background, up to two scaled PIP's or Keys, and an unscaled Downstream Key) to produce sophisticated effects, including transitioning backgrounds, transitioning PIP's, wipes, dissolves and keys.

Below are a few more key features:
Native High Resolution Background channels independent of the PIP/KEY processing channels
10-bit processing
1:1 Pixel Sampling
Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing (SD and HD)
3:2 and 2:2 Pull Down Detect
Image Cropping
Aspect Ration Correction
Low Video Delay – Less than 3 Input Fields
Z-order Control
Look ahead Preview

Typical operation: the operator selects a video via ScreenPRO II's user-friendly front panel interface. The selected video is automatically scaled to match the projector's native resolution and displayed on the Preview monitor. Size, position, contrast, brightness and color balance parameters corresponding to the selected input source are automatically restored from a set up file.

If required, the operator can adjust any of these parameters before transitioning the video to the Main output. Once any image adjustments are complete, the operator selects the type of transition by pressing the corresponding transition effects key. The video is seamlessly transitioned onto the Main screen. No projector glitches, no black screen, no artifacts.

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Barco/Folsom Gathers Top Rental/Staging Partners

On the heels of the January announcement of Barcos acquisition of Folsom Research, Barco Events hosted their top North American staging partners at the Resort at Squaw Creek, near Lake Tahoe, March 9-11. Sixty rental and staging companies were briefed on the combined companys strategy going forward, and got hands-on looks at the new Barco/Folsom product line for 04.

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Barco Unveils New Staging Arsenal

Barco Events displayed the first fruits of the Barco/Folsom synergy at InfoComm with the unwrapping of the new Encore, for the rental and staging market. Under intense development for months by the Folsom R&D crew tasked with blending Folsoms processing prowess with Barcos ongoing strategy to broaden the show control market, the Encore system provides source selection, advanced windowing features, seamless switching, video effects and integrated control. Both seamless wide-screen and independent display applications are supported. Designed for a multitude of shows sizes the system is fully scaleable to efficiently support from 1-32 screens.

Barco Introduces Next Generation of Multi-Format Processor

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Barco Acquires System Technologies

Barco has acquired the business of System Technologies, based in Torhout, Belgium. Started by Frederic Opsomer in 1995, System Technologies specializes in innovative designs for special projects in the Rental & Staging markets. The company counts designs for special projects such as the Olympics 2004 opening & closing ceremonies as well as the design of specialized elements in the upcoming worldwide U2 tour, amongst its most recent references. The company has annual sales of approximately euro 5 million and is profitable. The total cost for the transaction is less than half of sales.