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DSE Pre-Show Educational Session Covers Network Optimization

DSE Pre-Show Educational Session Covers Network Optimization

SPEED ON… Network Optimization Strategies, an educational program designed to accelerate the effectiveness and success of installed corporate and ad-based dynamic signage networks, will take place before Digital Signage Expo, on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Developed by Lyle Bunn, this program is only available at Digital Signage Expo 2013.

The SPEED On! program uses presentation, case studies, open Q&A and at times, a “town hall” discussion format to provide information and input that will allow networks to advance to new levels of ROI, value, success, efficiencies and economies.

This program offers insights into gaining the highest Return on Investment (ROI) to position the network for success and expansion including build-out and benefits from scalability and operating efficiencies. This program aims to take networks to a new plateau of success and value.

Primary areas to be addressed include:

•Key Industry Trends: Key factors impacting digital signage networks will be outlined along with indicators of the current and projected use of digital place-based media.

•Challenges and Solutions: Common problems and structural challenges that are providing structural impediments to the growth and success of networks will be described, along with remedial options and approaches to advancing despite these challenges.

•ROI Analysis: Return on Investment expectations become more important as capital and operating expenses must generate business value. Ways of approaching ROI analysis that can validate and fuel ongoing investment will be presented. Some performance benchmarks will be provided.

•Transition to Third Party Advertising and Sponsored Messaging: As corporate networks examine the option of and move forward with third party payment programs, infrastructure must be put in place to assure the success of this method. Approaches to achieving funding through subscriptions, advertising and other approaches will be outlined. Operational capabilities and organizational shifts required to generate third party revenue will be addressed.

•Integrating with the "Paid-Owned-Earned" Media Model: The way in which dynamic place–based media can enable 360-degree marketing, viewer engagement, transmedia and overall communications cost-effectiveness will be outlined. The awareness of digital signage positioning in the current communications model enables improved use of the media.

•Content Strategy: Through guest presenter Kim Sarubbi's presentation of key points, followed by a short interview and open “town hall” format discussion, actionable insights will be provided that enable the network to move to new levels of impact and effectiveness.

•Technology Architecture/Infrastructure: The technology platform must enable cost-effective operations and growth. Economies of scale and operating efficiencies are only possible if the technology architecture and infrastructure are scalable. Guest presenter Robert Orndorff, executive vice president of The Automotive Broadcasting Network (ABN), which has completed the corporate transition to a more functional Content Management System (CMS), will outline the key decision points, considerations, processes and benefits related to this fundamental transition.

•Linking to Mobile: The deployment of the network allows operators to link with end-user mobile devices using content and technologies. The resulting impact and new revenues improve the ROI of the network. Links to mobile and location-aware devices that can position the network to provide higher value will be outlined.

Who Should Attend

This SPEED On! program is an advanced course for managers and operators of existing corporate and ad-based digital signage networks, as well as agency and supply professionals seeking to better serve their clients who require or use such networks. Organizations that are planning their network or are at the early stages of deployment or system use will find this program useful to the refinement of their plans, operations and approaches.

The SPEED Digital Signage Training Program provided in previous years during DSE offers useful background to the advanced SPEED On! course and is accessible as a self-paced online program at The online SPEED course is useful in advance of this SPEED On! program but is not a pre-requisite.

Key Learnings

•Identify the symptoms of network under-performance
•Ability to create “a network performance score-card”
•How to better integrate Digital Signage with other communications
•Approaches to improving network effectiveness and ROI
•Awareness of how to transition to third party revenue

Presentation slides will be provided in .pdf format to registered participants in advance of the SPEED On! program.

DSEG Renewal Credit: 4

  • Lyle Bunn is the creator and primary presenter of the SPEED On! advanced Dynamic Place-based Media program. He is recognized as a “guru” of digital signage and has been recognized with an "Honorary Doctorate" for his contributions to digital signage education. He has consulted with hundreds of project teams and assisted some of America’s largest organizations in their planning of corporate and ad-based networks. As an industry analyst he has recognized and reported on key industry trends and the outlook for the sector and the media. Bunn has published over 200 articles and whitepapers and presents at virtually every major event related to place-based dynamic media. He has produced and moderates the monthly Ad-based Place-based Networks webinar series, moderates the Digital Media in Canada Series and has chaired the DSE 2013 DOOH Track Education Committee. He serves on numerous industry advisory councils and award judging programs. He has presented elements of SPEED to more than 2,500 professionals.

Robert Orndorff is executive vice president of The Automotive Broadcasting Network (ABN). He has more than 15 years of experience in information technologies, graphic design and marketing. He co-founded The Automotive Broadcasting Network in November 2008. Prior to joining ABN as chief technology officer, he was a user interface developer and marketing director for Pace Systems Group where he led many business development projects as well as played a lead role in rebranding the company prior to its acquisition by EFI ( Electronics for Imaging Inc.). Orndorff has a wide array of technical experience including web development, mobile application development, video distribution, digital signage platform engineering, audio / visual systems integration and enterprise network operations. In 2002, Orndorff founded First Coast Creative and grew the digital advertising consultancy to serve a local cliental of small businesses in North Florida with an emphasis on web-based application development. He is both DSE (Digital Signage Expert) and DSNE (Digital Signage Network Expert) certified and currently has the responsibility of designing, implementing and operating the national ABN digital signage network.

Kim Sarubbi is founder and CEO of Saddle Ranch Digital, the provider of thought leadership, content strategy and media production for place-based, out-of-home digital media. Since launching in 2001, she has grown Saddle Ranch from a company focusing on content production for a handful of medical networks into an advanced media firm with a roster of global clients. Ms. Sarubbi serves on the Executive Committee as Secretary Treasurer of the Digital Signage Federation (DSF), and contributes to many industry education and development initiatives. With 20 years of media experience spanning film, television, digital signage, sales and marketing, together with her vantage point on the cutting edge of dynamic place-based media and her efforts to improve digital signage best practices, Sarubbi’s insights and knowledge are driving content-related innovation at Saddle Ranch and within the industry.

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