SurgeX Hosts Class At NSCA Expo 2007

  • PIPERSVILLE, PA--Chief engineer Andy Benton of SurgeX and consultant Jim Brown of Audio Systems Group have collaborated to offer a dynamic class on the world of AC power and grounding as they relate to audio video systems at NSCA Expo 2007.
  • "Power conditioning, surge protection, and esoteric cables are often likened to the modern equivalent of the carnival barker's snake oil. Limited project budgets are squandered on products that not only have little value, but can also cause more problems than they solve. On the other hand, very simple, long established, and well understood design techniques are far more effective, often with no additional cost," Benton commented.
  • Jim Brown noted, "Power systems require an earth connection for lightning safety, an earthed neutral, and a bond between neutral and all exposed equipment that may become energized. This bonding protects personnel from electrical shock and is a critical element of fire safety. In our systems, audio and video equipment installed at widely separated locations is interconnected, often using unbalanced interfaces that make the wiring sensitive to noise voltages on the safety ground. Power systems must be designed to minimize these voltages, and audio/video equipment and systems must be designed and installed to work properly with proper grounding in place."
  • The basic mechanisms by which noise invades audio/video systems are identified, and effective solutions are described. Surge suppression and power conditioning concepts are presented. The instructors present the fundamental science in simple, easy to understand language, and without "hiding behind math and big words." For more information visit

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