Bunn to Direct Content Strategy Seminar in NYC

  • In a conversation yesterday with Lyle Bunn, I learned that the “Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen” seminar– as part of the The Digital Signage Show in New York from November 10-11 (next week)– is indeed heating up.
  • The surprise next week: according to Lyle, a lot of top hardware players in the digital signage space are getting more involved on the content side. Harris, Cisco, and Samsung, to name a few, are companies that we know have been offering display, or networking solutions for a while, but when companies like these start getting more involved in content, it could shake up the industry.
  • So it should be an interesting 2-day series of strategy sessions next week.

For the schedule, see: www.thedigitalsignageshow.com/cookingupcontent.aspBut the most intriguing part of the “Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen" sessions next week will be the “live” content creation aspect. "Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen" will outline complete Content Strategy, Composition, and Presentation Process for Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Media in creative, interactive format hosted by Lyle Bunn. The seminar will feature live demonstration by the industry's leading content creation strategists from Cisco Digital Media Creative Services, Heads & Tails, Inc., and Show + Tell, and provide attendees with an opportunity to look behind the curtain, and understand the strategy behind content deployment for DOOH and place-based networks, including:

• Creative Briefings

• Communications Objectives

• Play Loop Strategy

• Content Storyboarding

• Content & Post ProductionIn the segment Cooking Up Content - The Demonstration, Cisco Digital Media Creative Services, Heads & Tails, Inc., and Show + Tell have each been assigned a specific and unique industry and application, and will be responsible for sharing with attendees:

• The concept, focus and direction of the project

• The target audience/demographic

• The intention of the play loop, the spots within and what media/brand assets are available for use within the play loop

• Measure of Success (ROI/ROE, Call to action - Sales lift, recall, traffic to website, downloads)Storyboard Preparation and Presentation segment:

• Each company will create a storyboard for the spots and play loop from the creative briefing.

• Each company will present to attendees the strategy and decision making for the storyboard.Content & Play Loop Development segment:

• Each company will demonstrate the process behind taking the ideas from a storyboard and putting them into a final play loop.Play Loop Strategy & Final Presentation:

• Each company will present the final play loop and the strategy behind the creation of the play loop and the spots within that play loop.

For more information about Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen: www.thedigitalsignageshow.com/cookingupcontent.asp

David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.