The Power Behind Premier Mounts’ Audio System -

The Power Behind Premier Mounts’ Audio System

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Premier Mounts is changing the way projector mounts are perceived and integrated in AV projects.

Premier Mounts’ CPA-50 Compact Power Amplifiers and UNI-SPKR two-way speaker packs are designed to complement the UNI series of short-throw projector wall mounts and are ideal for classroom, meeting-room and event-venue environments. The amplifier and speakers are bundled with new mounts such as the UNI-STA+AUDIO and UNI-DS+AUDIO, and are sold separately as UNI-AUDIO upgrades for the existing line of UNI projector wall mounts.

These new products offer an alternative to adding audio in AV installations at a time of extremely limited budgets in education and many other markets.

The CPA-50 Compact Power Amplifier powers the UNI-SPKR speakers and supports multiple stereo inputs, which make it perfect for connecting to a projector, microphone and other sound sources. The rack-mountable 50W amp features three line-level audio inputs, plus one line-level microphone input, and provides separate line gain and microphone gain adjustments. Input switching is not necessary; all signals are mixed inside the amp at a 1:1:1 ratio. The CPA-50 also features a control port for an optional 10k volume control pot.


Premier Mounts Ships Compact Power Amplifier

Premier Mounts is now shipping the CPA-50, a 50 Watt compact power amplifier, as a standalone product. This amazing little audio amplifier is everything integrators have been asking for in an amplifier to deliver high quality audio in classrooms and small systems. The energy-efficient CPA-50 has sufficient power to ac

Premier Mounts Releases SpiroLock

The SpiroLock complements Premier Mounts’ extensive product line of ProAV mounts. It comes in three versions: a low-profile model (SPI), a model with an 11-to-15-inch extension column (SPI-EXT) and a model with a 1½-inch NPT coupler (SPI-PRO). The maximum weight capacity of the mount is 45 lbs. “The steps are re

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Premier Mounts Shipping Short-Throw Projector Mounts

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts is now shipping the EST100 and EST200, its latest slim-line short-throw projector wall mounts.   The EST100 slim-line short-throw projector wall mounts. Each mount fits most projectors weighing up to 25 lbs, and includes a universal projector mount

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Premier Mounts Receives Patent

ANAHEIM, CA—Premier Mounts has successfully completed the patent registration for the MAG (magnetically-assisted) series of projector mounts (Patent # US 7,758,001 B2). The MAG series uses the company’s MagnaGuide mechanism.

Premier Mounts Bulks Up 2011 Catalog

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts has released its new 2011 full-line product catalog. It's packed with information on products ranging from the quick-release SpiroLock projector mounts and iPad mounts to custom video wall mounts. "Our new 2011 product catalog demonstrates the engineering innovation and tremendous depth