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Ryarc Announces Availability of Digital Signage Software with Intel Active Management Technology(2)

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With the focus often on surface features and advanced integration with devices such as touch and interactivity it is easy to lose sight of some of the most fundamental concerns in operating a digital signage network; increasing day-to-day manageability of remote devices and reducing operational costs. Today Ryarc announces the availability of CampaignManager, which adds Intel AMT technology which can dramatically reduce downtime and ongoing TCO for operators of Digital Signage networks.

No matter how simple or complex Digital Signage networks become, operators are still sometimes faced with the need to visit a sign to correct mundane problems such as the machines being powered off by facility staff or a system crash. Systems like Ryarc’s CampaignManager can often intervene to correct system problems but even the very best software cannot recover from a system crash or inadvertent power-off.

This is why Ryarc has been working to bring the benefits of remote management with Intel Active Management Technology to Digital Signage Operators. By automatically discovering Intel AMT enabled devices in the user’s Digital Signage network, CampaignManager provides single click access to such powerful features as power cycling, inventory management and more.

Ryarc’s co-founder and CEO Fergal O’Ceallaigh said “Too often, the less glamorous aspects of DS network management are overlooked when potential digital signage solutions are being evaluated. Touch, interactivity, Bluetooth; these are all great additions, but there is probably nothing more fundamental to the operation of a successful Digital Signage network than maintaining reliability and uptime. Being able to automatically profile and inventory manage your signage infrastructure is hugely important; being able to respond remotely to adverse events, which previously required an expensive site visit, is indispensible and a huge step forward.”

Using Intel AMT technology, Ryarc’s flagship CampaignManager product can automatically generate enhanced asset management and inventory details for all connected Intel AMT enabled devices. CampaignManager can also automatically power up devices that have been turned off, as well as recover from operating system crashes; events which heretofore involved delay, expense and loss of revenue through site visits by technical personnel.

Intel’s Jose Avalos, director of digital signage said “Users can now utilize Intel® AMT features inside the Ryarc’s CampaignManager. This development makes Ryarc one of the first digital signage software companies to offer this level of integration, effectively bringing a new level of manageability and functionality to digital signage networks.”


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