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Exclusive Mobile Phone Brand Uses BrightSign

Exclusive Mobile Phone Brand Uses BrightSign
  • Vertu, a leading provider of luxury mobile phones, has opted to use BrightSign players in its global network of boutiques and concessions.

Vertu selected BrightSign players to run its global network of in-store digital signage screens playing content to customers.

With flagship stores in London, Paris, Milan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and Las Vegas, Vertu's phones are now sold in over 500 stores, including over 70 Vertu boutiques, in 66 countries. Vertu unveiled a new store concept for its boutiques in 2010, which included various designs of digital signage screens, some of these are known internally as blades. Some designs are able to twist and rotate, displaying either individual images or content synchronized across the array – the whole presenting a contemporary concept. Vertu concessions within larger stores are equipped with single screens presenting similar content.

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