InfoComm Releases First Performance Standard -

InfoComm Releases First Performance Standard

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The InfoComm International Board of Directors approved release of the association’s first performance standard, The Audio Coverage Uniformity Performance Standard.

One of the fundamental goals of sound system performance for both speech reinforcement and program audio is the delivery of consistent coverage in the listening area. A well-executed audio system design is one that allows all listeners to hear the system at approximately the same sound pressure level throughout the desired frequency spectrum range, no matter where positioned in the designated listening area. The Audio Coverage Uniformity Standard provides a procedure to measure this spatial coverage, and criteria for use in the design and commissioning of audio systems.

The procedures prescribed by this standard are intended to be used primarily for AV presentation systems in which audio is provided as a part of the system within an enclosed environment. These systems may be installed within a variety of AV applications, including conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms, auditoria, theaters and museum exhibits. This standard may also be applied to large venue audio systems or any system that includes audio coverage within enclosed spaces.

The Audio Coverage Uniformity Standard is limited to uniformity measurements and specifically does not include testing or measurements for spectral response, time domain issues, or other parameters that may be required to assess the total performance of an audio system. Future standards may address other audio concerns.

 “The ACU Standard was developed by InfoComm’s Standards Committee and the Audio Coverage Uniformity Working Group to improve the listening experience in a wide variety of audio installations,” said InfoComm International Executive Director, Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D. “Architects, facilities managers, owners, and technology managers will benefit from a test which verifies that their audio system meets one important criterion of quality.”

The ACU Standard was developed in an open process with consensus and transparency, InfoComm plans to submit the standard to the American National Standards Institute for adoption consideration in the next few weeks.

“The entire audiovisual industry is indebted to Audio Coverage Uniformity Task Group Chair Fred Ampel of Technology Visions, Performance Standards Planning Committee Chair Scott Walker, CTS-D, LEED AP, of Waveguide Consulting and their team of volunteers who developed this important tool for AV consumers and technicians,” said Lemk.


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