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BTX To Release New Dataprobe Product Line

  • BTX is pleased to announce the addition of Dataprobe to its roster of brands. As Datapobe's AV distributor in the U.S., BTX will carry the iBoot Web-controlled power switch and the iBootBar remote power management system.
  • iBoot is a 10/100 Ethernet-network-attached, IP-addressed, Web-controlled power switch. Anyone with a Web browser can access iBoot to perform power on, off, or reboot. Dataprobe's rack-mounted, network-controlled power strips allow remote power management to reboot, or power on or off any A/C device. The iBootBar system provides independent control of each outlet on the device from the Web, Telnet, and simple network management protocol. iBootBar enables network access plus out-of-band control via serial port and internal modem with both data and DTMF tone dial control.
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