IntelliMats, LLC Chooses BroadSign's Software for The Source By Circuit City Pilot -

IntelliMats, LLC Chooses BroadSign's Software for The Source By Circuit City Pilot

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IntelliMats, LLC has selected BroadSign(TM) Suite, a software solution provided by BroadSign International Inc., as a platform for operating the network of digital display mats in a pilot program in 10 stores operated as The Source By Circuit City. The goal of the pilot is to measure the effectiveness of advertising as well as to test all operational aspects of BroadSign's network infrastructure.

According to IntelliMats Director of Manufacturing and Technology Dave Strickland, adding BroadSign(TM) Suite software to the innovative displays allows IntelliMats to have a turnkey network management tool for all retailers.

"BroadSign's software allows retailers to target campaigns, sell airtime, distribute and play back media files, generate proof-of-play reports and effectively manage inventory--all from a central location," Strickland said. "We are confident our retail customers will benefit from the software's many features."

BroadSign(TM) Suite software enables changing messages easily and quickly on the mat's LCD video displays. Retailers can target customers by demographics or day parts, highlight specific products and sales, or break away from marketing messages completely to display time-specific information important to consumers, such as missing child alerts or severe weather messages.

According to BroadSign's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Dusho, BroadSign(TM) Suite has versatile functionality and redundant field-proven security and network stability. "Our job is to let IntelliMats concentrate on their core business and not worry about infrastructure," Dusho said. "As an ASP vendor, we take care of all software-related IT needs and troubleshooting at an affordable monthly fee. To facilitate things further, our comprehensive proof-of-play reports make it easy to measure the return on investment from the advertising placed on the network."

The IntelliMat(R) is a wireless computer embedded in a thin mat made of a lightweight thermoplastic alloy with four LCD screens, creating a 30-inch diagonal display with full multi-media capability. Translation: lots of color, motion and sound from a high quality video display--right at your feet, right in the store and right at the point of purchase decisions. The engaging video display can be seen clearly from more than 10 feet away.

"The IntelliMat(R) combines the best of digital wall signage and static floor advertising," IntelliMats President and CEO Jim Currie said. "The mat lies on the floor, in the consumer's natural line of vision, and easily provides information to influence buying decisions, by delivering a unique one-to-one communication in an individual's 'personal space.' Because of its floor position, the IntelliMat(R) does not displace product on shelves - or force consumers to look up at TVs hanging from the ceiling."

Upon the conclusion of the pilot program, executives from IntelliMats and BroadSign will evaluate the results before expanding the program. IntelliMats and BroadSign are planning to host similar pilots in other retail stores.

The IntelliMat(R) is the product of IntelliMats, LLC, a new company formed to manufacture, market and distribute the mats after extensive market research proved the mat was a powerful advertising tool.

IntelliMats(R) have been successfully tested at the Sony Style Store in New York City, Kroger stores in Virginia and other retailers.

About IntelliMat(R)
IntelliMat(R) is a patented, portable dynamic floor display that delivers digital advertising and informational messages - at the point of decision. It provides consumers with valuable information in an engaging manner to influence buying decisions and to communicate important information.

IntelliMat(R) provides a new source of recurring revenue through both the sale of in-store advertising and increased
sales. In addition, because each IntelliMat(R) display is capable of becoming part of a network, it represents a new media network opportunity to reach consumers out of home.

IntelliMat(R) is manufactured, marketed and distributed by IntelliMats, LLC. Currently, IntelliMats has 17 issued patents in U.S. and foreign countries and more than 70 patent applications pending worldwide. The company's Web site is

About BroadSign International Inc.

BroadSign International Inc. is a worldwide provider of software solutions for operating digital signage networks.

The company's core product, BroadSign Suite(TM) resolves the challenges facing operators of digital signage networks: the need for ad sales functionality, robust performance and scalability.

BroadSign(TM) Suite enables media specialists to target, sell or purchase network airtime and account for campaign performance. BroadSign combines extensive expertise in digital signage software, media, innovative marketing, and information technology, and its clients include networks in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company's corporate office is located in Eagle, Idaho.


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