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New Products September: 2009

New Products September: 2009

Extron MTP U T A D

Extron introduces the MTP U T A D, a Universal MTP Twisted Pair Transmitter designed with multiple video and audio inputs that can be installed in any two-gang Decora-style wallplate. It offers dedicated inputs for VGA, HD component, S-video, and composite video with audio, and automatically switches to the active source, transmitting the signal over a single Cat-5-type cable. The MTP U T A D eliminates the need for multiple transmitter units and multiple cables for each source, and dramatically reduces the number of matrix switcher inputs required.

Crestron DMCI Solution

Crestron’s new DMCI solution is a compact, rack-mountable enclosure designed to house a single DM input card to accept any AV source, including all analog audio and video, computer, HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort signals, and output those signals as HDMI. DMCI even handles USB-HID over ethernet for remote wireless keyboard/mouse control and USB-HID signals and output those signals as HDMI. Combining the DMCI with a HD-MD8X1 or HD-MD8X2 QuickSwitch HD HDMI switcher, provides an integrated source switching solution for meeting rooms and classrooms that include a variety of different signal formats that all must be displayed on 1080p displays via HDMI.

Yamaha IMX644 Mixer

Yamaha Commercial Audio’s IMX644 rack mount digital mixer features six Euroblock mono inputs each with individual +48V phantom power, four RCA stereo inputs, as well as an additional optical digital input. Outputs consist of two pair of stereo Euroblock connectors and two channels of mono outputs. RCA and optical digital outputs are also available for recording. The IMX644 have been designed for seamless compatibility with all 26 IS speakers. The IMX 644 mixer is very intuitive for inexperienced operators to use, and includes many advanced features easily accessed from a computer running IMX644 Manager Software when connected to the mixer via its USB port.

Vutec Vision X DYNA-CURVE

Vutec introduces the Vision X DYNACURVE/ VM/FS series of high-definition performance CinemaScope precision screens, featuring advanced multi-aspect masking system available with the SilverStar and other screen surfaces. DYNA-CURVE provides a cinematic experience that offers multiple aspect ratios to address all of today’s dynamic movie formats. The new DYNACURVE series is offered in two additional models—VM (Vertical Masking) and FS (Fixed Curve Screen). It supports the following screen surfaces: SilverStar, BriteWhite Opaque, PearlBrite, GreyDove, and SoundScreen.

Matrox Veos Repeater
Matrox Graphics has added the Matrox Veos Repeater unit to the Veos product line. Connected via coax cable to any of the three Veos components, the Repeater unit branches the signal to two additional coax outputs, and like all Veos components, provides 100m of extension from one Veos unit to the next. The Veos Master unit connects to the computer, which recognizes it as an ultrawide display with a resolution of 4080x768, for example. The Master unit uses the same Matrox patent-pending technology found in Matrox Graphics eXpansion Modules to divide this ultra-wide display into up to three unique channels.

Turbosound Flex Array

Combining elements of line array theory with virtual point source technology in one product, Turbosound Flex Array offers the possibility to adapt the same loudspeaker system to a wide range of venue types and audience sizes with minimal rental inventory. Turbosound is now shipping the Flex Array, including both powered and unpowered options. The Flex Array’s new TFA-600HDP compact, trapezoidal, digitally self-powered, and networkable three-way mid/high includes an integrated Class D amplification and DSP module with network capability.

Magenta MultiView NEC600-SAP

NEC Display Solutions and Magenta Research’s MultiView NEC600-SAP is a UTP receiver engineered by Magenta and is designed to fit in the expansion slot of select NEC commercial displays. When combined with a MultiView -SAP transmitter, the NEC600-SAP receiver enables 1920x1200 resolution video at 600 feet, along with stereo audio and addressable duplex serial, all over a single UTP cable. Product features include a standard UTP pass through, enabling up to 12 Multi- View receivers to be daisy-chained together. The NEC600-SAP’s addressable duplex serial enables two-way communication with any receiver/display, even in a daisy-chain configuration.

Xantech HD88CC5

Xantech’s HD88CC5 high definition component video matrix switcher allows high definition 1080i video and digital audio to be sent up to 1,000 feet over Cat-5 cable with virtually no loss in signal quality. The HD88CC5 offers systems designers and integrators unprecedented ease of installation and unrivaled flexibility. This eight-source, eight-zone high-definition matrix switcher has component video and S/PDIF digital audio inputs for each source. Each of the eight zone outputs has coaxial component video output and S/PDIF audio outputs for economical local distribution up to 250 feet, as well as RJ45 outputs for video and digital audio signal transmission up to 1,000 feet to the Xantech HDRXSG01 Cat-5 receiver located in each zone.

InFocus IN5108

InFocus Corporation’s IN5108 boasts an SXGA+ native resolution that displays video and computer images on screen in sharp, crystal clear detail. This digital projector also features a full range of optical lens capabilities, including horizontal and vertical lens shift, as well as four lens options, giving installers, administrators, and users full flexibility in any environment. With a brightness of 4000 lumens, the IN5108 enables low cost of ownership by incorporating a long lamp life, as well as improved asset management with embedded diagnostics and control utilities for remote access via the network.

Extron Flat Field Sound Field Speaker

Extron Electronics premieres the FF 120T, a full-range sound field speaker for 70 volt or 100 volt systems. The FF 120T features Extron flat field technology, which reduces beaming of mid and high frequencies directly under the speaker, delivering sound levels across the listening area. In addition, the FF 120T offers a wide dispersion area of 170 degrees, providing a very wide room coverage pattern, which is especially important for rooms with low ceilings. A UL 2043 plenum rated, 1x2-foot by 3.25-inch deep aluminized composite enclosure drops into standard suspended ceilings providing quicker installations.

EAW DX1208 DSP Matrix Mixer

EAW’s DX1208 DSP Matrix Mixer is a 12-input, 8-output 1U-rackspace DSP matrix mixer. Eight inputs are mic/line capable, with selectable 48-volt phantom power provided when the user selects mic level. Four additional inputs on unbalanced RCA connectors allow the users to stack inputs, increasing the number of audio sources that can be connected. An additional four digital inputs are available on S/PDIF with sample rate conversion to 48 kHz.

Barco OL Video Wall Series

Barco OL video wall series of LED-lit rear-projection video wall displays feature the unique Sense6 color calibration and stabilization technology. Barco’s LED-based projection series consists of the rear-accessible OL and front-accessible OLF video walls. During the introduction phase, both are available in 50- and 70-inch screen sizes. The OL and OLF video walls have a wide LED color gamut, which exceeds the EBU standard, and present no signs of color break up.

Xantech DDS Digital Delivery System

With RS-232 control compatibility, audio distribution to anywhere from four to 28 zones, and a number of other exclusive features, Xantech’s DDS Digital Delivery System is perfect for hotels, restaurants, resorts, coach buses, and more. Xantech’s DIGI5 DDS is a 1x4 or 4x4 expansion system and is available in flat-pack structured wiring hubs as well as a rackmountable 1U model.

Elite Screens Raptor

Elite Screens’ Raptor projection screen is now available in a front-mounted configuration that allows enough surface space for up to a 60-inch flatpanel display. It has a choice of MaxWhite FG or CineWhite projection material. In addition, there is the option of 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratios. Elite’s Raptor is a self-standing projection screen for situations where wall or ceiling screen installations are not practical.

Belkin AV360
Belkin AV360 uses a smart, modular system of cables and wall plates to provide a color-coded, plug-and-play connection for digital signage and audiovisual solutions. Performance and reliability are essential concerns for a successful installation, and Belkin AV360 delivers high resolutions over longer distances.

Crown CDi 6000 Amp

Crown Audio’s CDi 6000 amplifier, the fourth amplifier in the CDi series, has the ability to run both low-impedance 2-, 4-, and 8- ohm loads, as well as 70- and 140- volt outputs. The amp also features 20 available presets that can be recalled at the touch of a button. All CDi amplifiers can be controlled and configured through Harman HiQnet System Architect.

Wohler RMT Monitors
Wohler Technologies’ RMT range of single-screen 15-, 17-, and 20- inch LCD monitors builds on Wohler’s RM range of multiscreen monitors, offering the same performance and feature set, along with dual inputs, a waveform display, eight channels of audio bar graph metering, and built-in speakers. Designed as inclusive solutions, RMT monitors support high-resolution imaging with builtin NTSC and PAL autosensing.

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