Four Draft Standards to Review in Rigging, Power Distribution, and Floors

  • Four draft standards are available for public review on the ESTA website through 26 May 2008. All can be downloaded for free at The draft standards address specific problems found in powered rigging, electrical power distribution, and floors used in live performances and special events.
  • BSR E1.6-2 - 200x, Entertainment Technology - Purpose Designed Serially Manufactured Electric Chain Hoists for the Entertainment Industry, is part of the BSR E1.6 powered theatrical rigging systems project. This document, BSR E1.6-2, covers the design, inspection, and maintenance of serially manufactured electric chain hoists having capacities of two tons or less and used in the entertainment industry as part of a performance or preparation for a performance.
  • BSR E1.18-1 - 200x, Standard for the Selection, Installation, and Use of Single-Conductor Portable Power Feeder Cable Systems for Use at Less than 601 Volts Nominal for the Distribution of Electrical Energy in the Entertainment and Live-Event Industries, is part of a larger E1.18 project to offer guidance on portable power feeder cable systems.
  • BSR E1.19 - 200x, Recommended Practice for the use of Class A Ground- Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) intended for personnel protection in the Entertainment Industry, recommends practices for the safe use of 100 amp or lower, 120-240 VAC, single or three-phase, 60 Hz Class A Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) for personnel protection in film and video productions, theatrical productions, carnivals, circuses, fairs and similar events in North America.
  • BSR E1.34 - 200x, Entertainment Technology - Measuring and Specifying the Slipperiness of Floors Used in Live Performance Venues, describes a means of measuring and specifying the slipperiness of floor surfaces used by performers in live entertainment venues. The slipperiness of a stage floor or dance floor is a concern to performers, directors, choreographers, designers, stage managers--almost the whole production team--but there is at this time no good way to objectively describe the slipperiness of a performance floor.

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