New Products March 2008

New Products March 2008
  • This compact, full-range surface mount speaker is suited for small to medium classrooms where wall space for speaker placement is at a premium due to projector screens, pull-down maps, and white boards. It features a 3 inch full-range driver, coupled to an exclusive conical baffle that serves to provide a broad dispersion of the mid and high frequencies in order to optimize room coverage from a compact speaker. The SI 3 features a wide frequency response of 75 Hz to 18 kHz, 16 watts continuous pink noise or 32 watts continuous program capacity, and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

Harman's HiQnet System Architect version 1.6 includes several new import and export features which make it easier for integrators and consultants to design and implement presets for discrete venues and systems. In addition, HiQnet System Architect version 1.6 includes a new AKG plug-in for offline configuration of AKG WMS 4000 systems, a new graphics engine for a more responsive user interface, and master control panels are now configurable at device channel level providing greater detail of system control.

Aurora XPC Rack-Mountable PC

Aurora Multimedia has released its latest version of the XPC rack-mountable PC. The XPC-HD maintains the XPC's unique, tiny footprint that allows two units to be rack mounted side-by-side in a single rack space. The internal systems have been completely reworked with power enough to launch XPC-HD into the world of high definition multimedia. The XPC HD is loaded with powerful features designed to support intense multimedia applications. Among these is an HDMI video output port capable of 1080P output from HDCP source material.

Notifier NFS2-3030

Notifier's NFS2-3030 intelligent fire alarm control panel is the ideal choice for large scale applications requiring custom solutions and superior performance. The NFS2-3030, part of Notifier's ONYX Series, offers exclusive technologies that maximize system capacity, speed alarm response, and simplify maintenance and usability. It also features a modular design, multiple display options, and all the power and sophistication synonymous with the ONYX Series. The NFS2-3030 supports up to 10 Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), for a maximum capacity of 3,180 intelligent devices.

Da-Lite Mobile Automated Conference Monitor

Da-Lite's Mobile Automated Confidence Monitor, the MPS-ACM, includes a six-foot power cord and a radio frequency remote with a range of 30 feet. The MPS-ACM will work universally with most flat panel monitors and the unique rail mounting system ensures an easy installation for the monitor with the added security of a key operated lock. Heavy-duty five-inch casters provide a safe and stable transport of flat panel monitors when navigating uneven surfaces. The nominal height of the top of the monitor is adjustable up to 42 inches.

Bretford Adjustable Carts

Bretford has introduced two height adjustable carts with welded pull-out shelving. The newest versions of the A2642NS and CA2642NS carts reduce setup time and support the use of additional technology equipment, such as a notebook computer. The height adjustable carts have legs and shelves that are arc welded into place for a strong and secure platform and to help simplify set-up so users can have them up and running within minutes. The A2642NS has three open shelves while the CA2642NS includes a lower locking cabinet to store equipment and deter tampering and theft.

BTX MaxBlox Connectors

BTX Technologies' MaxBlox CD-MX9M and CD-MX9F DB9 connectors are professional nine-pin D-Sub connectors that feature a rugged design, allowing installers to terminate a DB9 with a screwdriver. The connectors can be panel- or cable-mounted in a MaxBlox CD-MX915H hood in a fraction of the time it would take to solder, saving both time and money. When used in conjunction with the hood, these connectors simply slide, snap, and lock into the hood without the use of tools. Optimized for use in any RS-232 or RS-422 applications, the DB9 connectors are manufactured by BTX with genuine Phoenix Contact terminal blocks.

Crown 135MA And 160MA Mixer-Amplifiers

Crown's 135MA and 160MA mixer-amplifiers are easily configurable for a variety of uses, including paging, background music, music-on-hold, security use, and safety/evacuation announcements. Each housed in a highly compact half-rack-space chassis, the 135MA is equipped with three inputs and a 35W amplifier output, while the 160MA provides four inputs and a 60W amplifier output. Both models provide priority muting, which can be voice-activated or triggered via an external switch, and are compatible with microphones requiring phantom power.

Danley SH-LPM Floor Monitor

Danley Sound Labs' SH-LPM is a compact, low-profile, full-range floor monitor that has the sophisticated looks to fit into any house of worship, commercial theater or performing arts center yet is rugged enough to survive the antics of even the wildest rock band. The large horn mouth offers substantial directivity through 110 degrees of conical dispersion with excellent front-to-back rejection and greater gain before feedback, a critical factor in many stage monitor applications. The SH-LPM is capable of a maximum SPL of 120dB continuous or 123dB program, with a sensitivity of 95dB SPL.

Kramer TP-551 And TP-552

Kramer Electronics' TP-551 and TP-552 twisted pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals can transmit HDMI signals directly over two Cat-5e cables (Kramer XTP cables are recommended) to up to 200 feet at 1080i without the use of intermediary reclocking devices such as signal repeaters. The TP-551 and TP-552 offer a simple and inexpensive solution for HDMI signal transmission over long distances and are ideal for home theater installations, presentation and multimedia applications, and rental and staging operations.

Crestron MPS-300

Crestron has introduced the MPS-300, the first multimedia presentation system (MPS) to feature fully digital audio signal processing. Ideal for presentation and video teleconference rooms that require simultaneously active microphones and/or diverse output options, the MPS-300 is a single box that, along with the system switcher and control system provided by the MPS line, has enhanced microphone performance and mixing capabilities, and greater video routing flexibility. Integrators working in environments where accurate audio is paramount will appreciate the new digital gating capabilities available in the MPS-300.

Neutrik PowerCon

Neutrik's 32 amp PowerCon is a locking three-conductor AC connector system with contacts for line, neutral, and pre-mating ground. Ideal for high-power distribution systems and supplies for professional audio and lighting equipment and installations, it replaces appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution, in combination with a locking device, is required in order to guarantee a safe power connection. The system consists of two connectors, a chassis receptacle and an in-line cable connector with locking mechanism.

Lectrosonics VRM WB Venue Wideband Receiver

Lectrosonics' VRM WB venue wideband receiver covers the entire UHF band from 537 to 768 MHz in a single unit, and is compatible with any Lectrosonics VRS standard module or VRT tracking filtered module in the standard UHF range. The benefit to the end user is the ability to carry a smaller quantity of VRM units, along with a range of VRS or VRT modules to cover virtually any wireless situation. The new VRM WB wideband receiver offers a six-channel modular configuration that enables users to install any combination of the standard fixed bandwidth receiver modules for most situations, as well as VRT tracking filtered modules for a total of six channels.

Video Mount PDM-W Wall Mount

Video Mount Products has designed its new PDM-W universal flat panel wall mount for numerous on-wall applications. The 45-degree articulating PDM-W can hold 42- to 63-inch flat screens up to 180 pounds. The PDM-W also has a shallow profile, so when fully retracted it only projects a few inches from the wall. The PDM-W is also installer and user friendly, reducing installation and adjustment times and, thus, leaving more time to enjoy the flat screen.

Planar m70L 70-Inch LCD Monitor

Planar Systems' m70L 70-inch LCD monitor is the only monitor of its size designed specifically for long-term, year-round operation, making it for industrial applications such as utility and energy master control rooms and television broadcast command centers. The Planar m70L offers high-end professional features such as built-in power management and automation, an impressive 178-degree viewing angle, and broad video source compatibility. Planar incorporated other key features such as resistance to image quality degradation and automatic ambient backlight control to address the challenges associated with 24-hour operation in unpredictable environments.

Electro-Voice ZX3

The Electro-Voice ZX3 offers a lightweight, 12-inch, two-way loudspeaker performance for a variety of portable and installed applications. Featuring the new DVX3121 12-inch woofer and the ND2 neodymium compression driver, the ZX3 has a complete range of optional accessories, including the CB3 array kit, MB3 wall/ceiling mount bracket, HA-3 handle adapter for use with the VSA-1 strong arm mount, and TCA-1 truss clamp adapter, allow ZX3 to be easily and precisely configured in multiple box arrays, mounted on truss or tripods, deployed as monitors, or used as system mains with a subwoofer.

FOR-A FRC-7000 HD Frame Rate Converter

FOR-A Corporation has introduced an optional audio function card of its FRC-7000 HD frame rate converter. The new audio option card FRC-70DA16 supports an increased number of channels for digital audio input and output. Delay compensation can now be performed for all audio channels, including international sporting event broadcasts where many audio channels are required, or when HDCAM SR 12-channel audio is being used for recording. The FRC-70DA16 can be equipped with Dolby E encoding and decoding as an option.

Peavey XR 1220

Peavey's XR 1220 console and rack-mountable XR 1212 feature dual 600-watt power amplifiers that can be summed to the main output or used independently to power mains and monitors at 600 watts each. Each standard channel includes an XLR input, as well as a channel insert, gain adjustment, 80 Hz low-cut switch, two monitor sends, EFX send, and low, mid low, mid high, and high equalization controls. Two stereo channels feature and RCA inputs, respectively, and XLR inputs. The master section features digital nine-band graphic EQ for both output amplifiers, with a built-in Real-Time Analyzer that analyzes the room and sets the EQ curves automatically when a microphone is connected to its XLR input.

OnSSI ProSight-SMB Version 6.0

On-Net Surveillance Systems has launched version 6.0 of its ProSight-SMB IP video surveillance platform for small and medium businesses. ProSight-SMB 6.0 incorporates many features previously available only on OnSSI's large-scale and enterprise-class platforms. The new version is bundled with OnSSI's NetGuard-EVS video client, which enables remote monitoring, after-the-fact investigation assisted by digital PTZ into recorded images and access to motion detection events, and export of evidence. In addition, users can access video over the web or LAN via the NetGuard video client, which requires no software download.

Hall Research TVB-400 Video

Hall Research Technologies has developed a new product to consolidate installations with the TVB-400 video to PC/HDTV switching scaler with optional audio. The TVB-400 series can accept component, S-Video, composite, and PC inputs and then both switch and scale the output to the desired resolution while optionally switching the audio from each of the inputs to the output. The unit has controls for input switching, output resolution, picture adjustment, aspect ratio, digital noise reduction, 3D enhancement, and optionally the volume for each input.

RapcoHorizon Silver-Flex

RapcoHorizon's Silver-Flex is comprised of instrument, microphone, and speaker cables, with every cable in the series featuring the type metal that delivers the highest conductivity, silver. Each cable comes with a silver-plated copper conductor and each instrument and microphone cable has a silver-plated copper shielding. Its Tech-Flex nylon-braided jacket makes Silver-Flex highly durable and nearly impervious to any accident from studio to stage. As an instrument cable, Silver-Flex is built with Neutrik NP2X velour chromium finished connectors, 22 gauge silver-plated center conductors, and a 95 percent silver-plated braided shield.

Apollo ArtistMEDIA

Apollo's ArtistaMEDIA is a single-board network media player and TFT controller for playback of videos from a compact Flash card, 2.5-inch hard disk drive, or streaming server. Stored MPEG2 or MPEG4 videos can be loaded or updated via ethernet, compact Flash card or USB stick and played back in a continuous loop upon power-up on an unlimited number of displays. Playback is also possible from a streaming video server without local storage. The ArtistaMEDIA board permits easy ethernet connection of TFT LCD displays. Display resolution ranges from VGA to 1080P full HD (1980 x 1080).

Klipsch IC-T Series Speakers

Klipsch's new line of 70-volt IC-T Series business music system speakers includes three in-ceiling models and a subwoofer. Consisting of the all-new IC-400-T, the IC-525-T, IC-650-T, and the IC-8T-SW2 subwoofer, this rugged lineup is suitable for a wide variety of business applications. The smaller IC-400-T provides great sound at a new, lower price point, while the IC-525-T and IC-650-T offer deeper, richer bass sound than their predecessors, the IC-5T and IC-6T. The newest addition IC-400-T provides legendary Klipsch quality and horn-loaded technology at a value price.

Pelco Intelli-M Access Control System

Pelco's IP-based Intelli-M Access Control System brings together the power of security integration with the recent Schneider Electric merger. Pelco has assumed the responsibility for the management of the Integral product line, which includes its very popular access control product Intelli-M. Each Intelli-M PoE enabled Door Controller system provides access control and alarm services for a single door, saving hundreds of dollars in wiring to each door by communicating and being powered with one Cat-5E/6 cable.

Martin Audio Blackline+ Series

Martin Audio's Blackline+ features significant improvements to provide an even higher level of performance. Drivers and crossover networks have been redesigned so that all of the low frequency drivers in two-way systems now feature aluminum demodulating rings to minimize the variation in voice coil inductance as the coil moves in the gap. The result is improved midrange clarity and reduced intermodulation distortion at high excursions, ensuring that the sound balance and quality are maintained even at high levels. In the development of Blackline+, special attention has also been given to matching the directivity of the low frequency drivers to the HF horns in the crossover region.

Barco LX-5 Projector

Barco has cooperated with JVC on the implementation of JVC's D-ILA technology. The use of JVC's D-ILA technology enables the LX-5 to have a 10 megapixel resolution and unrivaled color accuracy, thanks to the display technology's high contrast capabilities. This allows true, natural black levels and an enhanced color gradience, and helps the LX-5 to create an image quality so natural that it rivals human perception of reality.

Mackie SRM450v2 And SRM350v2

Mackie has introduced the next generation of its SRM Series Active loudspeakers. The SRM450v2 and SRM350v2 provide the ultimate in power, clarity, and punch and re-set the bar for performance in the active loudspeaker category. In addition to the renowned active electronics and rugged polypropylene cabinet featured in the originals, the new models feature high-tech Class-D, amplification, and switching power supplies along with a lightweight neodymium woofer and a titanium dome compression driver. The SRM450v2 is 11 pounds lighter than its predecessor and now cast in a distinctive midnight blue enclosure.

Biamp Network Paging System

Biamp's Network Paging System comprises Biamp's robust new Networked Paging Station-1 seamlessly integrated with the company's AudiaFLEX systems with CobraNet and purpose-built programming blocks specifically designed for paging applications. The single-cable Networked Paging Station-1, a plug-and-play solution designed to cut costs and reduce installation time, is ideal for stadiums, convention centres, shopping centres, schools, universities, and a range of other facilities. Biamp's Networked Paging Station integrates seamlessly with Biamp AudiaFLEX, to provide Biamp trademark audio quality and sound with a network-friendly, intuitive architecture.

Mitsubishi XL1550U And XL2550U Projectors

Mitsubishi Digital's XL1550U and XL2550U XGA LCD projectors are intended for installation in large auditoriums, classrooms, worship halls, churches, and conference rooms. Equipped with a variety of optional lenses, these high-brightness projectors can support short throw and zoom lenses to fit any room configuration. The XL1550U projects 3100 ANSI lumens for bright video and images even in well-lit venues. Designed with light source lamp control, the projector supports a lamp life of up to 5,000 hours in low mode.

Sabine SWM7000 Series

Sabine's WM7000 Series incorporates its Smart Spectrum technology, that allows up to 70 simultaneous wireless systems to operate with maximum fidelity. And these same 70 channels are globally accepted so the same systems can work anywhere in the world. Smart Spectrum Wireless features long-life rechargeable NiMH batteries and each transmitter has a built-in charger jack. The convenient handheld microphone clip doubles as a charger stand, whenever a handheld mic is in the clip, the battery is recharging.

Niles ZR-4 MultiZone Receiver Kit

Niles Audio's ZR-4 MultiZone Receiver Kit is a complete four-source, four-zone distributed audio system targeted specifically for the growing light commercial and entry level residential markets. The new ZR-4 kit is packaged as a self-contained system including a multizone audio receiver, rack mount ears, four weather-resistant keypads, a hand-held learning remote control and three infrared MicroFlashers. The heart of the system is the ZR-4 MultiZone Receiver that features a built-in AM/FM tuner and is capable of playing music without set-up or programming.

Communications Specialties 3150 Series

Communications Specialties' Pure Digital Fiberlink 3150 Series of HD/SD-SDI fiber optic transmission system offers broadcast quality HD/SD-SDI transmission over one single mode or multimode fiber. Each Pure Digital Fiberlink 3150 Series transmitter provides you with a re-clocked and equalized SDI loop-through and the 3151 receiver provides you with two re-clocked and equalized SDI outputs. The 3150 Series is immune to video pathological signals over the entire link budget and operating temperature range.

Panamax M7500CRD-IP Card

Panamax's M7500CRD-IP card is designed for remote control of the MAX 7500-PRO power management system. The M7500CRD-IP card provides complete IP-based control of the MAX 7500-PRO power management system. With the card, users have control of individual outlet banks featuring power, trigger, and delay settings. Remote diagnostics check the unit status and incoming line voltages, while e-mail alerts for over- and undervoltages help users anticipate or prevent service calls. The IP card features an easy plug-and-play installation interface and spring-loaded screws to secure the card to the rear of the MAX 7500-PRO.

Magenta Octet UTP CatX Distributive Transmitter

Magenta Research's Octet UTP/CatX distributive transmitter is optimized to deliver the display control and metrics desired in dynamic signage or "narrowcasting" applications. Combined with Magenta's MultiView XR-2000 UTP/CatX receivers, WUXGA video, stereo audio, and display-addressable control signals are distributed within a 2,000-foot radius from the source, with no repeaters or booster units. Multiple shorter-range receiver models are available, so the user only pays for the distance required.

Revolabs RF-Armor Wireless Microphones

Revolabs' RF-Armor wireless microphones are impervious to RF interference, allowing them to be used in direct contact with all wireless electronic devices known to cause unwanted audio interference, such as GSM mobile phones, smart phones, and more. While Revolabs' current wireless microphones have very high RF immunity and are not affected by mobile device noise in normal conferencing situations, certain end-user customers wanted more. Some corporations are even demanding that their wireless microphones tolerate GSM devices placed directly on top of the microphones.

One Systems 108IM

One Systems' 108IM is a lightweight, copolymer-based, all weather loudspeaker system intended for outdoor as well as indoor installations where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required. The new system is optimized for outdoor applications such as amusement parks, restaurants, football stadiums, baseball stadiums, racetracks, and other sports venues that require permanent installation as well as a direct weather exposure. It offers both excellent full-range fidelity and superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. The unit consists of a single 8-inch woofer and ETS driver coupled to a fully rotatable 60 x 40 degree high-frequency horn. Also included with the system is an additional 105 x 50 degree rotatable horn.

AMX Novara & Solecis

AMX's Novara product line consists of all-in-one, configurable control pad systems that combine a user interface with device control in one flush-mount keypad, while the Solecis line features switchers, presentation switchers and distribution amplifiers. Novara Control Pads are for education, government, and other markets needing functional device and room control. They provide simplified control of presentation devices such as projectors, projection screens, video displays and other AV equipment. Further, Novara Control Pads are configured using a user-friendly software application, Novara Device Configuration Software (DCS), which eliminates the need for traditional AMX programming.

Turbosound Flex Array

Turbosound's Flex Array is a medium-scale professional sound reinforcement system that combines elements of Turbosound's point-source system with well proven line-array technology, resulting in a one-box-fits-all loudspeaker product suitable for a huge variety of venue types. By simply changing the orientation of the cabinet, one enclosure type is capable of being used in either line-array or point-source configurations. The ability to rotate the mid/high waveguide within the enclosure gives additional flexibility of use from only one type of box.

Dynacord DSP 260

Dynacord's DSP 260 digital two-in-six sound system manager offers brand new algorithms for the simple construction of active multi-way systems. The DSP 260 was developed with an emphasis on user-friendliness. 24-bit sigma-delta AD/DA converters and a 32-bit floating-point signal processor offer a dynamic range of 111 dB. In addition to the two analog inputs, a digital stereo input in AES/EBU format is available. A -6 dB pad switch in front of the AD converters offers additional security against overload from mixing desks with very high output levels.

SPC CPE Tote Case

Specialized Products Company (SPC) has introduced the CPE Tote Case to safeguard the irreplaceable-high speed modems, set-top boxes, DSL routers, video communication equipment and RAID storage. It's capable of carrying five to 10 CPE units at a time. The Tote Case features a non-snag fabric covering the padded ABS plastic dividers and a scuff-resistant bottom. Side grips simplify handling, loading and storage. Users can also opt to include a Fold-Flat Cart, which through a telescoping handle can transport a second tote to transport a full load of 10 CPE units.

Digigram ES-100/spkr

Digigram's ES-100/spkr, a variant of the network audio standard EtherSound, enables manufacturers to implement EtherSound in new devices for a fraction of the cost while keeping typical EtherSound control and administration features, when a fully featured ES-100 or ES-Giga implementation is not required. The implementation fits into simple microcontrollers or DSP devices. ES-100/spkr products will fit nicely into portions of EtherSound networks where only unidirectional streams and audio-out devices are required such as terminal network branches.

Edirol VC-300HD

Roland Systems Group has announced Version 2.0 firmware update for the Edirol VC-300HD and VC-200HD multi-format video converters. The update is packed with new features including conversion support for frame rates such as 24p and 23.98p including progressive segmented frames and pull-down formats popular in high-end HDV cameras. The activation of the RS-422A on the back panel allows the VC to be remotely controlled including via network when used with 3rd party external device servers. Additionally the newly added 4-point gamma correction function enables adjustment of bright/dark parts independently and enhances images to have a more film-like color.

RIA Connect ASP045

The ASP045 series of pluggable terminal blocks feature RIA Connect's unique Springcon technology. It is the perfect drop in replacement for the industry's 5mm screw type equivalents. The parts ship wire ready and do not require the use of a screwdriver. Immune to vibration, the spring clamp design provides a quick and easy gas tight connection. Accepting wires ranging from 16-28 AWG and rated for 300V at 8A, the ASP045 is perfect for audio, security, HVAC, and industrial control applications. Multi-colored parts are also available for easy terminal recognition. The ASP045 is a UL recognized component, and is available from 2-24 positions.

PolyVision Thunder Express

PolyVision's Thunder Express is the real-time global collaboration solution that connects people and ideas globally by enabling individuals and teams to share data in any format, brainstorm and ideate together regardless of location, facilities, or time zone. Utilizing a multi-screen projected display system, data from any source lights up the room on virtual flipchart pages. The information is displayed on the wall of the room and can be edited in real time either in the Thunder Pro room itself or by remote participants connected from any computer.

Visix AxisTV V7.0

Visix has released version 7.0 of the its premier visual communications software application, AxisTV. Download of the upgraded software is available on the company's web site for existing users and is free of charge to current Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMA) clients. New content server and channel player orders will ship with v.7.0 images to minimize deployment configuration requirements and field upgrades. Version 7.0 includes an enhanced interface, a number of new features and bug fixes designed to improve the user experience and application performance.

Klark Teknik Square One Splitter

Klark Teknik's Square One splitter provides a simple solution with a user-friendly, high-performance, Midas XL8-derived pre-amp design, packaged in a 2U, eight channel format. To increase versatility and provide additional value, a third set of transformer-isolated independent outputs are provided. The Square One splitter also has the ability to function as a 1-16 media split. Audio performance, as with all Klark Teknik units, is of a superlative standard.

Shure Wireless Workbenc

Shure has upgraded its Wireless Workbench software to include compatibility with Macintosh computers. Wireless Workbench lets users of Shure UHF-R and U-series wireless microphone systems easily configure and control large installations of wireless microphones in performance venues, theaters, meeting facilities, and houses of worship. Like earlier versions of Wireless Workbench, the software can scan the radio frequency environment, identify potential sources of interference, and automatically select operating frequencies that avoid them.

Panasonic Dome Camera Systems

Panasonic's WV-NS954 indoor PTZ dome camera and WV-NW964 outdoor PTZ dome camera systems incorporate Panasonic's Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology to deliver performance functionality for professional security applications. The i-Pro WV-NS954 is the most advanced network PTZ available for indoor applications or for use outdoors in a camera housing. Its SDIII technology delivers quality images attainable in any lighting condition along with a host of features that includes dual-stream MPEG4 / JPEG output, an SD memory card slot for on-board recording, auto tracking, 256 preset functions, and endless 360 degree panning operation.

Gefen 1:5 Splitter

Gefen's newest solutions engineered to support the expanded HDMI v1.3 format include a 1:5 splitter for HDMI v1.3, and a 1:10 HDMI v1.3 distribution amplifier. The Gefen 1:5 splitter for HDMI v1.3 accepts one audio/video input, such as a DVD player or set top box, and transmits the same signal to five displays. The 1:10 HDMI v1.3 distribution amplifier transmits one HDMI source to ten displays. Both units can accommodate larger distributions when daisy chained with another splitter. For optimal and consistent results, the source and destination displays' resolutions should match. All high definition resolutions are supported from 480p up to 1080p.

Xantech HDMIC5IR

Xantech's HDMIC5IR provides high definition distribution over Cat-5 cables. Using the same Cat-5 cables, any Xantech IR system can be added providing remote control extension between video source and video display. One ideal application for the HDMIC5IR is overhead video projectors. Providing HDMI over Cat-5 allows the installer to use low cost, construction-friendly Cat-5 cables when doing wire runs from the equipment rack to an overhead location. In addition, the IR capabilities can control the video projector from the equipment rack or central IR receiver. Another popular application is distributing high-definition to a wall-mounted flat-screen panel display.

X2O Media Xpresenter

X2O Media's Xpresenter is an end-to-end digital signage platform that includes content authoring, scheduling, distribution, and remote management applications. It features the patented Xpresenter Template Maker, the application that allows Microsoft PowerPoint users to produce broadcast-quality graphics that incorporate animations, clip art galleries, video clips, and real-time data sources. Xpresenter includes a gallery of graphics templates, video clip previewing, and tools for quickly resizing presentations to fit the varying dimensions of output displays and broadcast monitors.

SIS Fire-Lite Alarms

SIS has introduced the Fire-Lite Alarms virtual fire alarm control panel monitoring software. Now building owners, security offices and other third parties can supervise multiple fire alarm panels from one PC via this low cost monitoring solution. Fire-Lite's panels, IPDACT internet communicator and VisorALARM IP receiver, together with SIS software and a UL listed computer, are all one needs for a complete, UL 864 9th Edition compliant monitoring package. The virtual monitoring software from SIS is ideal for proprietary fire alarm systems in school, healthcare, retail, industrial, and other multi-building/campus-type applications.

StrandVision Streaming Video Package

StrandVision has added the ability to use its database feature to add photos with corresponding text in digital signage pages. The new capability, included in its Streaming Video package, is for any business or organization that would benefit from showing a number of high-quality photos with captions and supporting text in its digital signs. The new StrandVision database enables users to simply add records in a table-formatted entry screen that includes unlimited text and photo caption fields. They can configure the entry screen by selecting from several different text styles and positions using dropdown menus.

Electrograph JBL Control Series

Electrograph Systems is helping commercial resellers augment their audiovisual display installations and increase sales and profitability potential with the addition of JBL Professional loudspeakers. Electrograph and JBL Professional have completed a distribution agreement by which the Control Series of loudspeaker systems are now available for order directly through Electrograph. The JBL Control Series combines high performance, compact design, and rugged construction into a line of loudspeaker systems that is also one of the easiest to install.

TV One 1T-DA-631 HDMI Extender

The TV One 1T-DA-631 HDMI extender is a dynamic cable equalizer that restores the HDMI v1.3 signal at the end of long cable runs, just prior to the input to the display. The 1T-DA-631 is the first of its kind to offer DDC Correction ensuring the HDMI signal stays true to the original form. The 1T-DA-631 has a maximum distance of 40 meters from the source to the equalizer input and up to 5 meters from the output to the display when using Z-Plus grade HDMI cables. All signal components present within the encoded signal are maintained, including stereo or 7.1 audio and HDCP encryption.

Furman/Panamax Merit-x Series

Furman/Panamax's Merit-x series is a technological advancement to Furman's existing Merit line, offering three new products that deliver increased protection and filtration. The new Merit-x series provides convenient, rackmountable power conditioning solutions. Upgrades from the previous Merit models include increased protection with a higher joule rating, increased AC noise filtration for a lower noise floor, and a more robust chassis, with wall-wart outlet spacing on the rear panel to accommodate bulky power transformers. The series offers three new products.

VBrick Video Portal

3Com Corporation and 3Com Open Network Program member VBrick Systems have introduced digital video portal capabilities that provide central access to video podcasts, live content streams, and on-demand digital libraries. The new digital video 3Com Open Services Networking (OSN) application integrates seamlessly on the 3Com MSR Series Multi-Service-Router platform. The VBrick Video Portal (ViP), which has been jointly tested and validated, enables 3Com users to create and watch video content quickly and easily without requiring additional multimedia infrastructure or management expertise.

Comprehensive HDMI X1300 Series

Comprehensive has added the HDMI X1300 Series 1.3 Category 2 cables to its family of eXtreme high definition true HD HDMI cables. By utilizing the latest HDMI 1.3 Category 2 technology and Comprehensive's patented cable technology, X1300 cables take HDTV to the next level. HDMI X1300 HDMI cables greatly expand HDMI's performance with increased bandwidth and speed from 165Mhz to up to 340Mhz and increased resolutions up to 400-percent more than 720p and far beyond 1080p. Comprehensive HDMI X1300 cables support higher refresh rates of up to 120Hz for smoother motion with up to 12-bit (RGB or YCbCr) color depths commonly referred to as Deep Color.

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