Solstice 2.2 Ups iOS Mirroring Support for Large Networks

Mersive has released a new update for its wireless collaboration software, Solstice 2.2. The new version of Solstice enhances and expands the mirroring capability of Apple iOS devices to shared displays for a broader range of use cases and provides a new method for sharing content through applications from Windows devices.

Solstice collaboration software enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices and applications over an existing WiFi or Ethernet network, enabling immediate collaborative sessions in meetings using visual content.

With the release of Solstice 2.2, enhanced Apple iOS mirroring enables users to share content from their Apple iOS devices on networks that do not allow UDP broadcast traffic. Using Solstice 2.2, Apple iOS users can mirror their devices to shared displays across a broader range of networks, including corporate enterprise networks with strict IT policies and requirements.

Solstice 2.2 also provides support for sharing of Windows Office applications on Windows 8 platforms, as well as OpenGL applications. This improvement functions in tandem with the current application-sharing mechanism to provide broader application-sharing support for Windows users.

The enhancements available in the Solstice 2.2 software release include:

•Solstice support for Apple AirPlay discovery. Solstice's Airplay-discovery support enables display discovery for iOS users via the AirPlay protocol on networks that do not allow UDP broadcast traffic, such as many campus and enterprise networks.

•Improved application window sharing support on Windows platforms. Solstice application sharing from the Windows client now supports sharing of Microsoft Office applications on Windows 8 devices as well as 3D Open GL applications.

•Orientation support for iOS-captured images. Images captured on the iPad platform will appear on the shared display in whichever orientation the image was captured.

•Global Disable Video Feeds checkbox added to Configuration Panel and Dashboard. Users and/or administrators can enable video feeds when desired or completely disable the feature when it's not needed via the Configuration Panel and/or Solstice Dashboard.

Mersive offers a free 30-day trial of Solstice display software, enabling an unlimited number of users to connect to the display from their laptops or mobile devices.

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