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New Products : October 2008

New Products : October 2008
  • Extron SMX System MultiMatrix

Extron Electronics is introducing over 20 new products for integrating DVI and HDMI sources and displays, including DVI and HDMI matrix switcher boards for the SMX System MultiMatrix, and the first products from Extron for dual link DVI applications including an Extender and an Equalizer. Extron is also introducing two Fiber Optic Extenders for long distance DVI transmission, four DVI distribution amplifiers, and two scalers for converting analog RGB signals to DVI and HDMI. Extron expands the scope of DVI and HDMI signal distribution solutions with four new DVI DAs with up to eight outputs, and the SMX DVI Pro Series and SMX HDMI Series matrix switcher boards for the SMX System MultiMatrix Modular Multi-Plane Matrix Switchers.Shure UR1M Micro-Bodypack

The new Shure UR1M Micro- Bodypack is about half the size of most standard bodypacks and weighs just three ounces with two AAA batteries. The UR1M is designed to be easily concealed and worn comfortably by actors, performers, musicians, and public speakers. Operating with the Shure UHF-R wireless microphone system, using the latest version of the Shure Wireless Workbench software, the subminiature device uses the patented Shure Audio Reference Companding technology to deliver a 60-75 MHz tuning range (region dependent). Tunable in 25 kHz increments and providing a sum total of up to 3,000 selectable frequencies, the UR1M additionally offers: selectable 10mW or 50mW RF power, up to nine hours of battery life, audio level metering, and a backlit LCD display.

Gefen New Video Scalers
The Simple TV Scaler from Gefen, described as a consumer model, integrates one composite, one s-video and one component video source each with analog audio, and two HDMI sources with separate digital audio. When selected, each source is delivered in mirrored HDMI v1.3 and component video formats with supplemental audio delivered alongside. Automatic resolution detection and Realta 2 HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) scaling allows users to automatically or manually refine their video.

The rack-mountable Audio/Video Scaler Pro supports one VGA or DVI input with analog audio, two HDMI inputs with digital audio, one composite with analog audio, one component with analog audio and one s-video with analog audio.

The output is in scalable HDMI format with audio delivered alongside in S/PDIF and TOSlink formats. This scaler also offers optional 20 watts per channel audio amplification with volume control ideal for equipping conference rooms or single room applications.

Stewart Filmscreen Cabaret Screen
Stewart Filmscreen’s Cabaret Screen offers an innovative approach to roll down screens. The removable aluminum valance comes in various finishes, and can be customized with the color or fabric of the client’s choosing. Customization can either be done on site or at Stewart’s factory. In addition to being a beautiful enhancement to any multimedia environment, the Cabaret Screen is constructed to make installation quick and easy with level bubbles included. Also, the sliding adjustable wall-mount bracket allows installers to make adjustments from the front.

Jupiter PixelNet
Jupiter Systems’ PixelNet technology is a new way to capture, distribute, control, and display digital and analog video sources, making it easier and less expensive to design, build, and manage complex control rooms. With PixelNet, AV designers no longer need to cobble together complex and disparate tools to capture, distribute, control and display the range of digital and analog information found in most control rooms. PixelNet combines all of these functions in a single, eminently scalable system. This new technology can display these varied inputs in a wide variety of applications, from very large display walls with multiple inputs and outputs to a single desktop. PixelNet can be applied to fulfill requirements ranging from simple meeting room AV systems to complete building AV distribution and display, and everything in between.

Visitors to the dnp’s Info- Comm Asia booth will see the world’s largest optical screen, the 200in dnp Giant Wide Angle. This 4 x 3 metre optical rear projection screen is designed for use in conference rooms, exhibitions, TV studios—any facility where large audiences need to view high quality images.

The company’s Supernova family of screens will also be on display. A highcontrast filter allows the projected image of dnp’s Supernova Screens to be reflected from the screen head-on. It absorbs light efficiently from other sources so the screen remains virtually unaffected by ambient light. Also on display will be the Supernova Infinity, the retractable Supernova Flex, and the Supernova One.

Kramer Electronics’ TP-50 twisted pair receiver and distribution amplifier is ideal for long-range distribution of computer graphics video and audio signals in schools, hospitals, and security and retail applications. The twisted pair technology utilized in the TP-50 allows cost-effective delivery of high-resolution video over long distances. Both a receiver and a distribution amplifier, the TP-50 converts the twisted pair signal back into two computer graphics video, stereo audio and S/PDIF audio signals simultaneously. The unit can achieve 1600 x 1200 UXGA resolution at a maximum range of approximately 330 feet.

SVSi voLANte VMT 105
Southern Vision System (SVSi) will be exhibiting a new standalone, audio-visual transmitter which encodes digital content for distribution over an Ethernet LAN. The SVSi voLANte VMT 105 stand-alone digital AV transmitter, when deployed with voLANte VRR 104 AV receivers at displays, provides additional flexibility in deploying an out-of-home digital signage network.

With its small footprint, the voLANte VMT 105 is said to be ideal for confined spaces but offers the same high quality video as the voLANte VTC 103 AV transmitter card. Designed to be stacked together, voLANte VMT 105 stand-alone transmitters offer a compact solution for streaming up to six video channels over Cat-5 cable.

Crestron iServer
Crestron’s iServer bridges the gap between traditional, expensive audio servers and basic docking stations, delivering the first permanent iPod-based home audio system. The user can simply access iTunes from the home computer, download new songs, and immediately enjoy music in every room in the house. The Crestron iServer is connected to the home computer network and automatically synchronizes with the user’s iTunes Library whenever new content is added or new playlists are created. The Crestron iServer plays all the content stored on the user’s iPod, including music, audio books and videos.

A low-profile solution that can either rest on a shelf or mount in a rack, the iServer is a dedicated audio server that is always available for whole house entertainment. Also new from Crestron is its control application for the Apple iPhone, which is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store and provides seamless control of the home and office.

Draper has expanded its line of motorized lift products to include lifts for flat panel displays. Draper’s new Flat Screen Lift will handle flat panel displays up to 65-inch, while adding less than five inches to the overall depth. The lift can be built into custom cabinetry to allow the display to pop up into a home theatre, conference room, or boardroom. The Flat Screen Lift design does not restrict the width of the display, or any accessories that could be used with the display. Three sizes of the Draper Flat Screen Lift are available.

Lighthouse LIP-HD Processor

The Lighthouse Technologies LIP-HD Processor is an HDMI integrated LED processor for true HD image reproduction. Users will have the ability to link up any HDTV, HD camcorder, Blu-ray player, or any other HD device to their LED display. With support for 1080p full HD resolution and enhanced 12-bit deep color depth, the LIP-HD processor allows for larger displays with ultra-deep color in both indoor and outdoor applications. Certified to meet the exacting HDMI 1.3 standards for the deepest color reproduction, this processor is HDCP compatible, allowing users to play video that requires this standard. It also provides excellent source flexibility, able to receive and transmit video at a variety of resolutions from VGA (640x480) up to the 1080p full HD standard.

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