Barco FSN Product Overview

Barco FSN Product Overview

The FSN provides live events producers with the ultimate “show control in a box,” offering key advantages to deliver a professional, high-quality performance: scalability, low latency, and ease of use.

Offering a wide array of new features, the latest version of the FSN is a flexible and adaptable presentation and screen management system. While the FSN operates like a production switcher from a workflow perspective, its heart is based on a 3G HDSDI signal, morphing it into a fusion of presentation and production switching. Embedded with Athena scaler technology, the FSN is the “ImagePRO of switchers.” The FSN can control two full mixer-effect (M/E) busses, toggling to control either M/E 1 or M/E 2, and a program mixer. The FSN’s optional output expansion slots permit additional seamless switching for up to 12 AUX outputs to support single and multi-screen displays.

Scalability is critical to providing the flexibility necessary to design and control shows featuring a wide variety of conceptual approaches and techniques. The FSN offers a host of visualization capabilities, accommodating additional video components to add special effects, while efficiently handling computer and video signals with the shortest amount of latency possible. The FSN allows operators to choose input types, and with an extremely fast auto acquisition function, it’s always in step with changes in resolution or signal type. The FSN also enables the use of legacy standard definition cameras by up-converting to HD for the final output. Up-conversion quality is so good, that SD virtually mirrors HD resolution with the FSN. While this system may require a slightly larger budget up-front, producers can save money in the long run by delaying conversion of all of the camera chains.

Low latency is key to portraying a seamless, “live” show where the audio is precisely in sync with the video. While a user may initially think that a switcher with 4-6 frames of delay is sufficient, it will create a noticeable difference – up to a half-second delay – between the view of a guitar strum and the actual sound emanating from the instrument. Barco’s FSN features an extremely low latency (less than a millisecond) when using native resolution, genlocked SDI sources, perfectly syncing audio and video for a realistic, professional presentation.

Ease of use is paramount, enabling producers to quickly and easily manage sources and create effects on the fly. The FSN is easy to use, with an industry standard workflow and control layout. To assist with rapid changes, the FSN offers 1000 memory registers to recall preprogrammed effects and looks. With multiple video and computer sources easily integrated into a single unit, operation is simple, streamlined and ready for the rapidly changing show environment.

An optional Remote Control Panel (RCP-120) enables an operator to remotely control the routing of sources to the FSN AUX outputs as well as trigger various other system functions like memory recalls or keyer transitions. Users can select sources for monitoring, recording, or drive presentation displays without interfering with the main production workflow.

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