NSCA Education Foundation Garners Wide Industry Support

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA-There is much on the horizon for the NSCA Education Foundation, which has just topped off its fiscal year with the completion of a $100,000 challenge grant presented by Shure Incorporated in August 2005. With its donation last month of $8,400, SPL Integrated Solutions ensured that the foundation met its fundraising requirement of $75,000 in order to receive the $25,000 matching contribution pledged by Shure.

"The Shure matching campaign was an incredible success," said Melissa Henderson, managing director of the NSCA Education Foundation. "As a result of Shure's making the call out to the industry to contribute 75 percent of the targeted goal, there has been a sizable increase in the number of companies and individuals involved with the foundation. This is a real achievement for our industry."

Shure has renewed its commitment to the Education Foundation with a new campaign whereby they will match up to 50 percent on contributions from any other company (up to a total Shure contribution of $25,000) until July 31, 2007.

In addition to manufacturers, the NSCA Education Foundation has other industry stakeholders including integration companies such as SPL and Communications Specialists of VA. CSI has contributed $25,000 and counting, acting as regular contributors, donating funds year after year.
Last month, QSC Audio donated $25,000 to the NSCA Education Foundation, joining the ranks of manufacturers who support the development of programs that will carry the industry into the next decade.

"Every year, our contributions increase," Henderson observed. "This year we've had another huge increase in the number of people getting behind this cause, growing NSCA Education Foundation revenues by 53 percent. Such a significant boost in support indicates the importance of our mission to the industry."

The NSCA Education Foundation's plans for its funds are numerous in type but unified in their purpose-to promote the professional development of industry personnel. Recent programs supported by the foundation include a partnership with NSCA which increases the funding for industry education. The foundation is a huge proponent of the EST initiative, providing funding on a number of levels, whether on development of EST courses in schools or providing scholarships.

This year, the CSI MasterFormat 2004 (MF04) is a top priority. The NSCA Education Foundation is supporting the development of implementation tools and training which will prepare industry members for the changes MF04 will bring to the construction process. On a broader scale, the foundation has dedicated funds to developing courses centered on the topic of "convergence," a technological and business oriented trend, which is affecting the entire industry.

"The buzz is building as we get more involved and talk more to industry groups about MasterFormat and convergence training and conduct more student awareness efforts," Henderson said. "When our board decided that those were going to be our top level initiatives, we were excited to hear so many people support this effort."

NSCA Education Foundation President's Club ($50,000 and above) contributors include Atlas Sound, AutoPatch, Bose Corporation, LG Electronics USA, Middle Atlantic Products, Rauland-Borg Corporation, Shure Incorporated, and Telex Communications. Founder's Club ($25,000) members include AMX, Audio-Technica, Communications Specialists of Virginia, and QSC Audio Products. The Gold Club ($10,000) includes Herman Procurement and Logistics and Lectrosonics.