Sennheiser Offers New Microphone Solutions -

Sennheiser Offers New Microphone Solutions

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Las Vegas, NV--Sennheiser has revealed a new entry-level series of gooseneck microphones.

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The MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone.

The MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone and its sister model, the MEG 14-40-L B with an LED ring, feature a KE 10 cardioid capsule from Sennheiser.

“The microphones are manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility in Germany, and available at an attractive price,” said Vanessa Jensen, senior product specialist for systems integration products at Sennheiser’s U.S. headquarters. “They are ideally suited for conference rooms, podiums and announcement desks and more. The mics are the ideal choice for installed applications, providing a cost-effective solution with excellent speech intelligibility.”

In addition, the company has unveiled the new system update for the ADN discussion system, which incorporates several new features designed to improve audio reproduction in video or telephone conferences with external participants.

The new operating software for the ADN discussion system includes various modes for system handling and to enhance speech intelligibility in acoustically challenging conference room settings, according to the company. The software is now available in 13 languages and can be downloaded free of charge from Features include:

- Media Control: The new software enables the central unit of the ADN system to communicate directly with media control devices via an open protocol, allowing integration into existing audio/video control systems. Users can operate all functions with their control panel.

- XLR Mix Minus: When speech contributions are transmitted to an external conference location, this sometimes results in unpleasant echo effects in which speakers hear their own voice with a delay. To prevent this, the XLR Mix Minus mode deletes the speaker’s own voice signal from the sum of the conference signals.

- Mic Loudspeaker Mute: The Mic Loudspeaker Mute mode ensures that the speaker’s own contributions are only transmitted to the external participants and not through the loudspeakers of the terminals. Only the speech contributions of the external participants are played through the loudspeakers.


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