New Retail and Wireless Zone Change the Face of Wireless Retailing

  • NASHUA, N.H. and MIDDLETOWN, CT--New Retail unveiled the future of bricks and mortar wireless retailing with the launch of an unmatched evolutionary wireless store—a destination replete with technological interactivity, as well as a functional retail layout designed to efficiently guide prospective customers to the products and services that best meet their needs.
  • Conceptualized and installed by New Retail, the cornerstone of Wireless Zone’s evolutionary retail location is a series of clearly marked zones—including Interactive, Family, Technology, Entertainment, Business, Accessories and more—to help customers easily navigate the more than 50 wireless communications devices and hundreds of related accessories available, on average, in each location. Digital signage containing all current information pertinent to the industry further aids customers in the information gathering and purchase processes. In addition to offering devices best suited to the needs of shoppers in these categories, Wireless Zone guarantees that they source every accessory for every phone, redefining the meaning of one stop shopping.
  • Also evident in Wireless Zone’s new locations are a host of aesthetic changes that have completely reimagined the traditional wireless retail marketplace.
  • “From the moment a customer enters one of these new stores, their perception of the wireless shopping experience is transformed. There are simple to use interactive displays and digital signage at each Zone. The lighting is brighter, the layout is cleaner and the information gathering process is significantly more intuitive,” said Andrew Pierce, Vice-President of Business Development at New Retail. “This concept translates easily into locations of various retailers in any location nationwide because it’s simply designed to benefit both the customer and allows the business to deliver a consistent presentation to each and every customer.”
  • “As a member of the Wireless Zone franchise for more than 10 years, I definitely believe this is among the most significant enhancements the wireless retailing environment has ever seen,” said Bill Petry, Franchise Owner. “Customers enter this store and approach the wireless shopping experience with renewed energy and confidence that we are the top experts in the business. Combined with a local owner operator philosophy, that is tremendously exciting for our customers and the local community.”

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