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BP Signs with Retail Media Co.

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Retail Media Company, LLC, a digital signage business based in Los Angeles, California, www.retailmediacompany.com announced today that it has executed an agreement with BP making it BP's US provider for digital signage, both at the pump and in the convenience store. RMC plans to build out a network of screens above the pumps in a thousand or more BP and ARCO branded gas stations in the United States. The deal is the culmination of an RFP process that began in July, 2008, during which RMC was selected from a field of competitors.

In addition to weather, traffic, and commercials at the pump, RMC's network will provide original content produced just for the network. "Our mission is to affect consumer behavior. To do that we have to be engaging," said Adam Bleibtreu, CEO of RMC. "RMC is committed to creating a unique, enjoyable and exclusive experience for BP and ARCO customers."

RMC was founded in 2008 by Adam Bleibtreu, David Goldman, Doug Beiswenger and Michael Mugel to capitalize on the increasing desire among advertisers to reach consumers near the point-of-purchase. Adam is a successful veteran of the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media space since the late 90s when he designed the media for the Billboard Live club in Los Angeles and installed the first JumboTron sign on the famed Sunset Strip. RMC plans a family of networks that will operate in a variety of retail environments throughout the United States and worldwide. For more information please visit www.retailmediacompany.com


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