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Powersoft Delivers Premium Sound at New York Bar

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Placing an emphasis on high-quality music playback, the New York Beer Company craft brew bar opened in midtown Manhattan in March 2012 with seven Powersoft D Series and M Series amplifiers powering a distributed system of Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers. Richard Trombitas, regional manager at Cardone, Solomon & Associates of Northport, NY, designed the system in collaboration with Flushing, NY-based sound contractor Starview Satellite. Starview also supplied the equipment and performed the installation.

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The front dining area includes four Renkus-Heinz TRX81 two-way speakers powered by a Powersoft D2002 amplifier, plus a single PNX112 subwoofer powered by one channel of a Powersoft M14D.

The new 5,000-square-foot New York Beer Company bar and grill is located on West 44th Street on the ground floor of the historic New York Observer Building, which once housed the legendary Record Plant recording studios, and is next-door to the newest location of another Manhattan institution, the Birdland jazz club. Situated close to Times Square, Manhattan's theatre district and the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, the bar can accommodate nearly 300 customers and serves a wide selection of beers, many of them brewed locally.

The sound system is divided into three zones, including front and rear dining areas and the bar, with additional coverage in the restrooms and entryway. The front dining area includes four Renkus-Heinz TRX81 two-way speakers powered by a Powersoft D2002 amplifier, plus a single PNX112 subwoofer powered by one channel of a Powersoft M14D. The other channel of the M14D powers speakers in the restroom area and entryway. In the rear dining area, a Powersoft D3002 amplifier powers six TRX81 cabinets, while a D4002 drives a pair of BPS12-1 single 12-inch bandpass subwoofers. Two more D3002 amplifiers provide power to a total of ten TRX81 speakers in the main bar area, while another D4002 is paired with two BPS12-2 dual-12-inch subwoofers.

"It really is a nice sounding system—with Powersoft technology it is astounding how much headroom is available," commented Trombitas, who was honored with an "Outstanding Service" award at the annual Powersoft rep meeting held during the 2012 NAMM show after just 12 months representing the product line. "It has become a great showplace for the dealer to show their potential customers," he added.

The system is typically used for playback of a streaming music service, Trombitas added. "They also have a DJ setup with Pioneer DVD players, and there's a video DJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then there's an iPod input at the main bar, which provides an option for them to play specific music," he said.

John Paturno, president of Starview Satellite, is happy to have made the switch to Powersoft amplifiers for his company's installation projects. "We started using them about six or seven months ago when we got the line and use them exclusively now," he said. Powersoft is Starview's go-to amplifier vendor due in no small part to the line's "green" features, including the 1RU form factor, ultra light weight, exceptional power efficiency, and super-low heat output, he said. But, he added, "Sound quality is number one; we're very happy with the quality of their sound."


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