Volkswagen Rolls-Out National Digital Signage Channel to Promote New Golf 5 -

Volkswagen Rolls-Out National Digital Signage Channel to Promote New Golf 5

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NEW YORK, NY--Leading car company Volkswagen Group (UK) Ltd has boosted sales of mp3 players and GPS navigation systems across its 230 retailers following the successful launch of a nationwide digital signage information channel. Based on Connectvision multimedia messaging software developed by Saturn Communications Group Ltd, the Volkswagen TV (VTV) channel is broadcast to LCD screens at retailers showing a range of after sales products, new car announcements including the new Golf 5, driver safety information and Volkswagen's financial services offers.

Last year Volkswagen conducted a trial across seven retailers over a six month period using Saturn’s Connectvision multimedia messaging software. The retailers experienced a four-fold increase in sales of mp3 and GPS navigation systems compared with other Volkswagen retailers. Volkswagen began rolling out the national multimedia network in December, all 230 retailers are now on-line.

Each retailer has a 42-inch LCD screen in the Customer Service area, with some retailers opting for a second screen in the front-of-house sales area. The VTV on screen content is different in each area, with the sales area screen displaying a multi-screen branded layout containing the latest vehicle images and videos together with news about Volkswagen events and local retailer offers. Some retailers are also broadcasting VTV onto overhead back projectors in their main sales areas.

Volkswagen TV screen content is managed from Volkswagen head office in Milton Keynes. Connectvision software is used to add, schedule and distribute content to all screens in the network. To reduce IT security and network capacity issues at each dealership, the LCD screens are supplied with a dedicated PC providing the initial on screen content which is updated on-line by Volkswagen’s marketing team. The branded Customer Service screen layout is split into three areas to show car video images, Volkswagen news and special promotional offers as text at the bottom of the screen.

The success of the Volkswagen Group (UK) retailer channel is being monitored closely by Volkswagen Germany where it is being incorporated into their Volkswagen Retailer Concept.

Deborah Elsom, internal communications manager at Volkswagen Passenger Cars, and project manager for the retailer channel roll-out commented, “This is an exciting new medium to support our retailers. Over the course of the next 12 months we expect to increase the number of screens, develop the multimedia content and add new forms of content delivery as the retailers begin to realise the potential of this communications channel.”


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