Black Box Launches iCOMPEL Digital Signage Program for Small Businesses -

Black Box Launches iCOMPEL Digital Signage Program for Small Businesses

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PITTSBURGH, PA--Black Box Corporation launched a program to help small businesses more effectively use its iCOMPEL line of digital signage appliances for sales generation.

The program, available to anyone with an iCOMPEL player enables a small business or government office with little or no creative staff to quickly set up digital signage more affordably and with a look that is entirely their own. The intent is give budget-stretched administrators a more streamlined and cost-effective way to build visibility in today’s more competitive market.

“Digital signage is undoubtedly a great way to turn prospects into customers and good customers into even better-spending customers,” says Mario Calabro, Black Box Multimedia Products Manager. “And with iCOMPEL from Black Box, digital signage has never been more affordable and easier to get and use. This offering takes the concept further, enabling end users to tap into the creative resources of Black Box itself. ”

Customers not only have access to many pre-designed layouts included with the player, but they also have the option to have Black Box create customized layouts especially for them. “We know a lot of businesses don’t like a cookie-cutter approach,” explains Calabro. “But with this program, they get layouts that are uniquely theirs, with their logo and tagline included. This way, they can create the brand-consistent sales messaging most suited for their market.”

Showcased at the recent Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas and featured in USA Today, the iCOMPEL family of browser-based, networked appliances offers features and functionality typically found only on very high-end systems. In addition to professionally designed layouts, iCOMPEL comes with drag-and-drop layout tools and a number of advanced content-management and scheduling features for playing stored and live media in multiple zones. Users can combine 1080p video or live TV with scrolling text, photos, flash, HTML, RSS feeds, and other media.

Unlike many other player solutions available today, there are no ongoing expenses with iCOMPEL and software updates are always free, Calabro says. “This is digital signage that’s truly future-proof, a prudent investment for buyers in an uncertain economy.”
The iCOMPEL player can be used for a single screen or for multi-site deployments with thousands of units playing different content at different locations. It also supports changing content ad-hoc at the display.



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