Samsung Electronics at InfoComm 2015

Samsung Electronics at InfoComm 2015

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is showing additions to its 2015 SMART Signage portfolio at InfoComm 2015– from 10-inch touch displays to LED outdoor signage and video walls.

Since first showing its new direct-view LED at trade events early in 2015, Samsung continues to intrigue the market, and the company is now planning to offer a variety of pixel pitch formats for very high resolution LED. (Reminder here that these products are not LED-backlit LCD panels but direct view LED.) Samsung said at InfoComm this week that is planning to offer 1.15mm pixel pitch LED, 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm. And note that these higher res models are not the result of Samsung's acquisition of Yesco last year. In fact, the Yesco LED products– that Samsung now offers as well– feature pixel pitches above 3mm: from 3mm up to outdoor 25mm LED. Samsung plans to offer the fine pitch, 1.15mm to 2.5mm LED by Q4 this year, and will no doubt then gauge the market to see which of those high res options are better-received in the market i.e 2 vs. 2.5mm etc.

Samsung direct-view LED for digital signage solutions on display at InfoComm 2015.
“With the introduction of new indoor and outdoor LED signage products, we will offer a complete array of SMART displays,” said Ronald Gazzola, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Business, Samsung Electronics America.

All Samsung video wall displays shipped in 2015 will be factory calibrated and include Samsung Color Expert software, a free program that enables users to manage brightness and color uniformity. This ensures consistency across a single display, as well as multiple displays.. Samsung’s factory calibration process technology also manages the white balance of each display for uniformity across multiple displays in large scale, while multi-step greyscale calibration provides natural shading and gradation without color distortion. An ACM chipset enables the display to remember the accurate color.

Samsung LED Signage integrates a wide range of innovative LED solutions. Samsung Direct View LED technology is used for seamless digital signage with high resolution pixel pitch. The 1.15mm pixel pitch LED signage features 133 inches of continuous, Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) resolution (1.5 times as many pixels as Full HD) and delivers a consumer experience out-of-the-box.

  • Any irregularity in a video wall’s brightness and color accuracy across displays can negatively impact the viewing experience and message delivery. Samsung video walls feature factory tuning, hardware and user calibration tools. By combining these color management solutions with its SMART Signage displays, Samsung video walls enable delivery of digital content for informational and promotion.
  • Samsung is also showing its first video wall solution designed for use in broadcast and studio settings. The 55-inch UDE-S video wall display offsets the color discrepancies that can result from large angle image and video transmission. The UDE-S displays feature a panel for low temperature (2,800-6,500K) usage and 100-300nit brightness.

Samsung’s OMD Series convey readable text and graphics in outdoor applications, including transportation facilities, banking and retail storefronts, sports arenas, quick service restaurants and convention centers (outdoor use requires custom-designed weatherproof enclosure). At 2,500 nits, the OMD Series displays offer a contrast ratio of 5,000:1 for delivery of visual messaging and come in two configurations:

  • The OMD-W Series for semi-outdoor use and stand-alone applications where brightness and visibility are the main requirements, such as retail storefront windows with thin bezels of 9.3mm and under.
  • The OMD-K Series is an optimized panel kit with a customized housing that can be used to install the display in an outdoor environment, such as drive-thru locations, wayfinding kiosks and entertainment venues. The panels are VESA compliant to mount inside the custom enclosure.

The Samsung booth has a portfolio of UHD 4K displays, with models ranging from 46- to 76-inches, designed to drive the transition to 4K. Additionally, Samsung’s SE790C received the Windows 10 certification logo and is compatible with the Windows 10 platform. The SE790C curved display is designed to match the natural curve of the human eye.

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