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LINK delivers Continuous Evolution

  • Link USA has introduced their PowerLink line of single pole connectors. Link has earned a well deserved reputation for delivering continuous product improvements in direct response to the requests of a dedicated group to PowerLink users.
  • The PowerLink product line, an established market leader with a standard and patented finger proof version for drain connectors (males), has once again been enhanced by the introduction of a number of new features:
  • To facilitate more termination options, four new PowerLink crimp contact versions are available for cables ranging from 35 up to 150 sqmm.
  • All PowerLink in-line connectors are now available with an M40 metric cable relief, as well as the standard PG29 style. Moreover, the M40 cable relief is available in standard and reduced versions to cover multiple cable diameters ganging from 19 to 32 mm.
  • Link also is shipping their newest addition to the family; the Power Link 600A connector. The Power Link 600 can be terminated on cables up to 300 sqmm; carrying higher amperage while providing the same safety and reliability features found in the well known 400A series.
  • In addition to all European standard colors, Link is featuring both of the US color schemes.
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