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EnQii Partners with LocaModa

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EnQii, a global provider in the digital out-of-home market, is partnering with LocaModa, a mobile social platform provider, in order to optimize the "new media triad" of digital signage, mobile devices and the web, while becoming part of the largest growing network of connected places.

EnQii North American president Stuart Armstrong says that the "new media triad" represents a digital on-ramp for consumers to opt-in to branded communities, and is a powerful new way for media owners, brands and locations to engage consumers and measure these interactions.

"When people go to retail locations, bars, restaurants, and other social places, there's an opportunity for them to intersect and create a dialogue with the in-location network, and also pass these conversations onto their social graph," says Armstrong. "That becomes the conduit for a larger, more viral dialogue between targeted audiences and brands."

As an example, if a consumer is in a music store scoping out a new artist, a digital signage display could invite him to control a virtual jukebox using his cell phone, not unlike the way a mouse is used with a computer or a remote control is used with television. Because his interactions are displayed publicly, the media experience is instantly shared with others in the venue, and can also be reflected on the store's website, becoming a compelling source of streaming social recommendations.

"Today's media consumers want to stay connected and control the media around them," says Bill Nast, VP of Business Development at LocaModa.

"The LocaModa platform when combined with EnQii digital media network technologies create an interactive medium. This enables a measurable, multi-modal environment that increases the value of branded measures and supports database marketing to tap into the consumer lifetime value."

Armstrong says the potential of the "new media triad" transcends traditional retail to include restaurants, bars, casinos, leisure and sports venues, and multiple forms of outdoor advertising. He notes, "When you invite consumers to opt-in and become part of a branded community, the value of that brand has been shown to increase as much as three- or four-fold."

For more information: www.enqii.com, www.locamoda.com.


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