Roland Powered Mobeon Streaming at E3 Conference

Roland Powered Mobeon Streaming at E3 Conference
  • Mobeon is a digital media company that provides production services and consulting to a wide range of clients in entertainment, corporate, new media and content delivery industries. Mobeon has been in business for over four years with extensive knowledge in streaming and mobile production services.

Roland's VR-50HD
Mark Alamares, principal owner of Mobeon, reports his company has grown significantly in this explosive industry of content delivery over IP. This increased demand for web streaming services led Mobeon to look for a cost effective, multi-purpose live production and web streaming solution and the VR-50HD fits perfectly into their model.

The versatile Roland VR-50HD handles a variety of inputs and video formats. The built-in scaling and support for various frame rates makes it ideal for Mobeon’s wide range of clientele. “The VR-50HD is able to handle most any live production and web stream needs,” says Alamares.

The Roland VR-50HD’s compact all-in-one design provides portability and everything Mobeon needs in a single solution. With clients and events all over the U.S. the VR-50HD eliminates the need to ship a lot of extra gear. It has everything they needed with built-in preview monitor, video mixer, audio mixer and USB output for web streaming. Unlike other solutions they have used in the past, the VR-50HD is truly a portable studio in a very small footprint under 50 lbs.

To prepare for E3, Mobeon tested various gear and brought several different solutions for their client, 2K, to web stream and produce their live video game play. They tried several solutions and had many compatibility problems resulting in blank screens because the other switchers didn’t support the video format output coming from the game consoles. Alamares reports that the great thing about the VR-50HD’s for E3 is that they could input SDI, HDMI, RGB and composite video sources and have it all work seamlessly. The VR-50HD’s ability to accept multiple formats is a huge advantage over other solutions they tried.

Mobeon’s test results of the VR-50HD convinced them it was the best solution. Alamares says, “Without having to go through a conversion process we were able to connect SDI and HDMI directly and have no issues whatsoever previously experienced by other solutions. This was a saving grace for us because we wanted to prove to the client that we could take all of their various video sources and stream it out.”

The setup for E3 consisted of two VR-50HD’s at the 2K booth who were showcasing a new game called “Evolve”. They needed switching between different video sources, cameras and games consoles, plus audio coming from the live commentary. The VR-50HD’s handled both the audio, video and streaming at 1080p live from the show and it handled all of the productions for the various gaming tournaments and demonstrations.

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