Biamp Systems Ships Vocia -

Biamp Systems Ships Vocia

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Biamp Systems unveiled Vocia, its newest Networked Media System. Vocia introduces several new concepts to paging and voice evacuation systems, including combined distributed processing and page routing, as well as networked audio and control. This networked and modular approach eliminates the potential for a single point of failure and allows for the design and construction of a system that is easily expandable from a single paging station and amplifier to multiple zones with several hundred inputs and outputs. Vocia (pronounced vo-CHEE-ah) is available now to help facilities of all sizes implement reliable, scalable and flexible paging and voice evacuation systems.

Vocia is a comprehensive system that includes dozens of essential features and functions including live, delayed and recorded announcements, message store and forward, system-wide alarms and event logging, as well as background music routing. The Vocia system takes advantage of standard Ethernet networking technology and is CobraNet-enabled. It is also designed to comply with several voice evacuation regulatory standards.


Biamp Systems Expands Education And Training Program

Biamp Systems announced the expansion of its training and education programs in 2008 to include growing numbers of non-English language courses, advanced training courses, and the creation of Audia certification classrooms in three locations outside of North America.

Biamp Expands Corporate Headquarters in Oregon

BEAVERTON, OR--Biamp Systems, a 33 year old Oregon company has relocated its headquarters to a larger facility in Beaverton. As Biamp expands its market leadership position in the commercial audio market, and makes significant inroads with the introduction of its new advanced paging and voice evacuation product, Voci

Biamp Nexia

Biamp Systems will showcase Nexia, the company's award-winning distance conferencing system, newly repositioned alongside the launch of the TesiraFORTÉ series of audio processors. Together, Nexia and TesiraFORTÉ provide a well-rounded and powerful DSP product offering designed to satisfy users' routine audio requirements for professional AV solutions at an affordable price.