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Roadshow Toronto, August 10

  • David Keene– Anyone who’s been in the “AV” biz for a while, knows that the overlap between the different vertical markets– digital signage, installed AV, AV for staged events, etc– is only getting more involved. (There is money to be made in new technology areas that you probably would not have gone before: places like providing technology for trade show booths, and providing “digital signage” screens in lobbies and break out rooms of events– is this “staging” or is it “digital signage”? Who cares? It’s a great new market.)
  • And anyone in the Digital Signage arena, knows that Toronto is a hotbed of activity– there are lots of digital signage folks, including some top providers, there. Well, I (and my friend Lyle Bunn) will be at the InfoComm/Rental & Staging Roadshow, next Wednesday in Toronto. Would love to see a turnout of some digital signage folks. (And, BTW, our top presenter for the day’s sessions is Tom Stimson, past president of InfoComm, and equally well-versed in installed AV as in the staging world).
  • There is no charge to attend. Myself, Lyle, and Tom, would love to see you in Toronto.
  • On the heels of a highly successful Roadshow stop in Manhattan last week (the most successful and well-attended Roadshow ever)– the InfoComm/NewBay Media Rental & Staging Toronto Roadshow will take place at the Capitol Event Theatre, in Toronto, Wednesday, August 10, 2011. (2492 Yonge St., Toronto, ON)
  • Register here:
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