MELD and BrightSign Demo Personal Broadcast Station at DSE -

MELD and BrightSign Demo Personal Broadcast Station at DSE

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MELD Technology Inc. and BrightSign, LLC® demonstrated a digital signage technology using the world's first low-power white space transmitter, the MT300 Personal BroadcastTM station, at the Digital Signage Expo.

MELD's patented wireless network technology enables the use of TV "white space" spectrum for sending HD video and control signals over-the-air across large distances. Using a BrightSign solid-state player as a streaming content source, the MT300 can broadcast multiple full-HD videos or up to 100 unique HD-resolution still pictures in real-time to an unlimited number of TVs over a single white space channel.

MELD's unique MT300 technology was demonstrated using a BrightSign digital media player in the BrightSign booth #1440 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 7-8.

Combined, the MELD transmitter and BrightSign player deliver unrivaled geographic coverage, the capacity to efficiently transmit multiple HD video streams and the ability to control many receivers wirelessly - all at a reduced cost compared to other distribution technologies. These benefits make the solution ideal for signage applications ranging from airports, hotels and restaurants to bars, schools and hospitals.

"The reliability of tapping into a dedicated broadcast channel with the MT300, coupled with the solid-state reliability of BrightSign digital media players, creates a totally new form of digital signage content delivery," said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. "For the first time, wireless multi-channel HD video distribution is now easy and affordable."

"BrightSign is a true market leader and visionary in digital signage solutions and we're very pleased to be working with them," said Jordan DuVal President/CEO of MELD Technology Inc. "The MT300 is an excellent accessory for a BrightSign digital media player because it not only eliminates the complexity, clutter and restrictions of connecting cables; it reduces the time and cost for deployment and content distribution. By shrinking the cost and complexity of the same proven technology used by professional broadcasters, businesses of all sizes can now Personal Broadcast their content directly to any DTV."

When asked how the MELD MT300 Personal Broadcast station works with the BrightSign player, DuVal explained that the MT300 converts the BrightSign output into a terrestrial broadcast TV signal that can be received directly over-the-air by the HDTV tuner. Then, an unused channel of the existing broadcast spectrum is used to deliver content to any number of displays.

MELD MT300/BrightSign Player Key Features
• Distributes full HD content from one BrightSign digital signage player to an
unlimited number of TVs
• Content appears as a TV channel - no boxes required at each TV/display
• Delivers HD video in real-time, without installing cables or cutting into walls
• Sets up in minutes
• Provides quiet, fan-less operation in a rugged steel chassis
• Low power requirement

The MT300 is available for use under FCC experimental license only. It is currently
going through the FCC certification process targeting commercial release late
spring 2012.

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