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Outdoor Displays for QSR New Whitepaper

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Delphi Display Systems has released “Understanding the Technical Specifications of Outdoor Digital Displays for QSR”, a white paper to assist QSR owners and managers in understanding the technical information related to Order Confirmation Systems (OCS) and other outdoor digital displays. The white paper is available to download here, or by calling 714-825-3400.

“Recently there have been a lot of differing and confusing product claims on how to properly evaluate and compare outdoor digital displays,” said Mark DiCamillo, director of Product Management for Delphi Display Systems. “The goal of this white paper was to make all the technical jargon and specifications easy to understand, so that a QSR manager and owner can make informed decisions when it comes to equipping their stores.”

The “Understanding the Technical Specifications of Outdoor Digital Displays for QSR” white paper defines various technical criteria, how they are used, and how they should be evaluated within outdoor digital signage. The document includes:

· The measurement of screen brightness, and why it matters
· The significance of having outdoor digital displays that are UL Certified
· What a NEMA rating means
· The difference between Mean Time to Half-brightness (MTTH) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
· The various options on data transmission, connectivity, and power

Outdoor digital displays have become an important tool to improve order accuracy and speed-of-service at drive-thru Quick Service Restaurants. These displays have to function 24x7 in often harsh environments, so being able to choose the right one for any given QSR store is of critical importance. This white paper is designed to give QSR managers and owners the tools they need to make the right choice for this equipment.


Panasonic Outdoor QSR Displays

Panasonic announced at FSTEC a number of new technologies for QSRs including the Panasonic digital drive-thru, which brings the power of digital menu boards and integrated audio/video to the drive-thru.

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Peerless Fully-Sealed Outdoor Displays

Ideal for public transit, stadiums, zoos, amusement parks, marinas, restaurant patios, cruise ships and more, the Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are capable of year-round outdoor digital signage with Peerless-AV’s weatherproof technology.

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Delphi's Outdoor Digital Menu

New Outdoor Digital Menu System Unveiled At Digital Signage Expo 2014. Delphi Display Systems Inc. a technology provider for food service and consumer retail markets today said it released a new outdoor digital menu system. This new outdoor digital menu system will integrate with Delphi’s indoor digital menu system via Delphi’s Engage software providing QSR operators with an indoor/outdoor digital platform to create and manage menu items, prices, and graphics and optimize the menu layout.

Lyle Bunn New Whitepaper on Content

A major new industry whitepaper focused on dynamic media “Content” is now available from independent industry consultant and educator Lyle Bunn. The 40-page paper titled “The CONTENT of Dynamic Place-based Media - The rise of the “Content is King” Monarchy” is made available from Lyle Bunn, one of the Digital Signage

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Intel Whitepaper: Personalize Retail with Secure Interactivity

The Personalize Retail with Secure Interactivity white paper reviews three technologies reshaping the retail landscape: Ultra HD 4K interactive experiences created by the 5th generation Intel Core processor family; mobile point of sale MPOS) tablets powered by Intel Atom processors; and security with Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions (Intel DPTT).

Qumu Releases New Whitepaper

Qumu has released a new whitepaper entitled "Business Video Empowers Social Media." The company said in a press release: "Being a 'Social Business' is all about collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees, vendors, partners and customers, across time zones, languages and geographies. The wisdom of a compan