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Liberty AV Solutions Acquires Intelix

Liberty AV Solutions, a division of WESCO Distribution, has acquired Middleton, Wisconsin-based Intelix, a manufacturer of AV components and software.

The move follows a successful conclusion to negotiations between Intelix and WESCO Distribution, Inc. — Liberty’s parent company — to acquire Intelix outright for an undisclosed sum. Liberty joined WESCO in 2006 as part of WESCO’s acquisition of Communications Supply Corporation, of which Liberty is a subsidiary.

Liberty is an audio/visual supplier of solutions-based products ranging from bulk wire and cable to equipment enclosures and mounts to power distribution products and more.

“Intelix has built a fine reputation among AV professionals over the last decade,” said John Dace, who leads the Liberty operation within WESCO. “The company will enable the analog-to-digital transition. Its latest generation of products promise to make the shift to HDMI easier, reliable and more profitable.”

Liberty will bring the full support and service of a global sales force to the task of bringing the entire Intelix catalog to market.